Galleon Quest

Starts: 3/1/18 Ends: 5/31/18

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Income growth for all participants through investment in high probability shipwreck sites through thoroughly researched and vetted sites, with sound archaeological foundation, effective use of search technologies, use of experienced salvors, as well as technical, economic and scientific capacities to find and obtain lost treasure from historic shipwrecks around the world.

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Galleon Quest

Team Members

Dr. E. Lee Spence (LinkedIn)
Jim Sinclair (LinkedIn)
Keith Duffy (LinkedIn)
Dave DeBorde (LinkedIn)
Cameron Cox (LinkedIn)
Adam Strothman (LinkedIn)
Sam Talari (LinkedIn)
Dali Kranzthor (LinkedIn)
Aleksi Aaltonen (LinkedIn)
Mari Luukkainen (LinkedIn)
Olga Krynina (LinkedIn)
Jan Borgelin (LinkedIn)

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