Starts: 12/5/17 Ends: 1/18/18

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FundCru is a blockchain-powered fundraising platform that funds causes through e-commerce transactions and direct donations. FundCru distinguishes itself from other fundraising platforms by supporting both cryptocurrency and fiat money on all transactions, providing fundraisers with a large percentage (typically 25%) of gross sales from eCommerce transactions, and forgoing platform fees for donations.

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Team Members

Duc Pham (LinkedIn)
Patricia Suflita Wilson (LinkedIn)
Thanh Ngo (LinkedIn)
Duy Nguyen (LinkedIn)
Ton Ngo (LinkedIn)
Dianbo Liu (LinkedIn)
Robert Ramirez (LinkedIn)
Kevin Marume (LinkedIn)
Anika Benons (LinkedIn)
Andrew Shea (LinkedIn)
Rhea Lin (LinkedIn)

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