Forty Seven Bank

Starts: 11/16/17 Ends: 12/16/17

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Forty Seven is a unique project built to create a modern universal bank both for users of cryptocurrencies and adherents of the traditional monetary system; a bank that will be acknowledged by international financial organisations; a bank that will correspond to all the requirements of regulators.

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Team Members

Alexander Malin (LinkedIn)
Igors Astapchiks (LinkedIn)
Vladimir Tomko (LinkedIn)
Mihails Skoblovs (LinkedIn)
Aristoteles V. Daza (LinkedIn)
Anton Azamatov (LinkedIn)
Lily Forgeron (LinkedIn)
Jevgenijs Lesevs (LinkedIn)
Vitalijs Grundsteins (LinkedIn)
Kristiāna Štauere (LinkedIn)
Nana Zhang (LinkedIn)
Evgeniy Bezgodov (LinkedIn)
Alexander Chernyakevich (LinkedIn)
Morten Hansen (LinkedIn)
Dmitry Dudin (LinkedIn)
Artem Kushik (LinkedIn)
Igors Danilovs (LinkedIn)
Jevgenij Plams (LinkedIn)
Inna Krievane (LinkedIn)
Eva Iova (LinkedIn)
Steven Coogan (LinkedIn)

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