Starts: 10/19/17 Ends: 11/24/17


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ExHasta Catalyst is the program in which ExHasta, led by the international collective function(core), develops Moonshot technology intellectual property (IP) and distributes it to a worldwide network of innovators at an extremely low cost. All IP developed will be released for sale in three phases on the blockchain. Innovators and disruptors are able to use their EXH tokens to buy Moonshot projects in whole or they can buy specific elements for use in spin-off companies and as an augmentation to their existing initiatives.

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Team Members

Elburz Sorkhabi (LinkedIn)
Dr. Jacopo Panerati (LinkedIn)
Cecilia Tham (LinkedIn)
Dr Niamh Shaw (LinkedIn)
Carlos Manuel Entrena Utrilla (LinkedIn)
Oriol Gasquez (LinkedIn)
Amy Truong (LinkedIn)
Izan Peris Marti (LinkedIn)
Kristen Smith (LinkedIn)
Colin Gibson (LinkedIn)
Saho Yajima (LinkedIn)
Pascal Finette (LinkedIn)
Byron Kent Wong (LinkedIn)
Robin Wauters (LinkedIn)
Terry Woltman (LinkedIn)
Jayar La Fontaine (LinkedIn)

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