Starts: 11/3/17 Ends: 12/3/17

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“EquaCoin is a cryptocurrency that is designed to support democratic principles and behavior,” the Equacoin whitepaper reads. “The name EquaCoin comes from the synthesis of ‘Equality’ and ‘Coin’. Our mission is to build and constantly improve an innovative monetary instrument that will allow each person who owns at least one EquaCoin to vote and participate in a Democratic Marketplace.” Read our full analysis of EquaCoin ICO here

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Questions and Answers

How do I buy equa coin?

We have done some extensive research and have not found any details on how to purchase. We have put out several messages on Telegram, we hope to hear back from them soon.

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Team Members

Giovanni Ciallella (LinkedIn)
Eliahu Gal-or (LinkedIn)
Glauco Verdoia (LinkedIn)

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