Energy Premier

Starts: 9/21/18 Ends: 10/31/18

BMJ QuickScore: 3.8





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Our mission is to enable distributed and transparent energy trade utilizing blockchain technology and the EPC token, bringing the power over energy to people

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Team Members

Viktor Delov (LinkedIn)
Kevin Karl Castlunger (LinkedIn)
Luka Prelevic (LinkedIn)
Thor Morten Wangen (LinkedIn)
Ankit Chawla (LinkedIn)
Jovan Lazarevic (LinkedIn)
Stefan Spasovski (LinkedIn)
Vojkan Boshkovski (LinkedIn)
Dragana Mladenović (LinkedIn)
Giulia Cian Seren (LinkedIn)
Tomoaki Sato (LinkedIn)
Faton Behadini (LinkedIn)
Boyan Josic (LinkedIn)
Brett Freeman (LinkedIn)

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