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Quick Summary

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Based on the NEM blockchain, Empleos is a project that hopes to change the online recruiting market by incentivizing people who are seeking employment while saving businesses time and money.


  • The machine learning keyword and sentence semantic functions on Empleos platform have the potential to increase the transparency of the employment process.
  • The platform may be intriguing to employers and recruiters because it can make the employment process quicker and more cost-efficient.

  • Cons

  • Big companies in the market such as LinkedIn and Indeed may make it hard for Empleos to break through. While Empleos can distinguish itself from these companies through its blockchain-based platform, it is uncertain whether or not it will be able to compete with these more well-known companies.
  • Empleos’ project is not doing anything particularly unique. There are a number of other blockchain projects that are trying to provide solutions to human resource issues.

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    How to Invest

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    Investment Information:

    • How to invest: For information on how to participate in the Empleos token sale, visit the website.
    • Eligibility: U.S. is restricted
    • Payments accepted: BTC, ETH, NEM
    • Token Price: 1 PLEO = 0.5 USD

    Market: 3.5

    • Empleos hopes to resolve problems in the job market regarding increased competition, low-quality resumes, high hiring costs, and closed technology platforms.
    • The project’s platform intends to target job seekers, employers, clients, and freelancers.
    • Empleos will be entering a competitive market including the likes of Indeed.com, LinkedIn, and Careerbuilder.com. In addition to these bigger companies, there are a number of startups aiming to integrate blockchain technology into human resources. Empleos believes that the use case of its utility token distinguishes it from other HR blockchain projects.
    • In 2017, the recruitment and staffing market was reported to have been worth $461 billion USD while the online recruitment market was reported to have been worth $13.5 billion USD.

    Competitive Advantage: 4

    • Empleos is attempting to increase transparency in the job recruitment process through its reward-based points system. With this system, platform users seeking employment will be rewarded for submitting their profile, and for submitting additional information to the platform like a photo and ID, or verified past work experiences.
    • Machine learning will be used to aid the profile creation and screening process. The platform’s machine learning will focus on keyword analysis and sentence semantic analysis.
    • The Keyword analysis will search for keywords on resumes and profiles that will be helpful in updating the search database.
    • The sentence semantic analysis will check resumes and profiles for accuracy, similar sentences, duplicate text, and incoherent content.
    • The platform will also enable freelance job opportunities to be presented to users who are freelancers in Phase Two of the platform’s rollout. There will also be a payroll functionality that allows employers to pay their employees in PLEO that will be implemented in Phase Three of the platform’s rollout. Empleo has not worked through all of the legal and regulatory issues regarding the payroll function but plans to do so with its regional advisors during the platform’s rollout.

    Team: 3.5

    • The project team members have solid experience working with ICOs and blockchain companies. CTO Chan Komagan was the chief product officer for INplaza, an ICO project that focused on international trade.
    • Chief Marketing Officer Yulia Honcharova has prior digital marketing experience with Envision Software and with NesterSoft Inc. where she also focused on SEO and PR strategy.
    • The founder and CEO of the company, Ilia Gerashchenko has relevant experience as an entrepreneur in the online recruitment industry. He was the former marketing director for TD Electrocable and the former CTO of Odnaco company.
    • Team Members

    • Ilia Gerashchenko (LinkedIn)
    • Chan Komagan (LinkedIn)
    • Yulia Honcharova (LinkedIn)
    • Pulkit Chadha (LinkedIn)

    Token Mechanics: 3

    • This project has an MVP with a fairly intuitive user interface. The MVP allows users to search for jobs by area code, as well as view and apply for jobs.
    • PLEO is a utility token that is used for all internal platform payments. As soon as the platform is launched, employers can use the token to access candidate profiles.
    • Tokens will be used by the platform for the creation of the platform, operating costs, and acquisition costs.
    • Token Supply: 140,000,000 PLEO
    • The decision to use a token was based on the premise that the project was in need of a global payment system, and this could not be feasibly accomplished with fiat.
    • Empleos allows employers and recruiters to post job listings on the platform as long as they have PLEO in their account. Additionally, Empleos platform offers premium placement for job candidates and employers. For people seeking employment, prioritized placement in search results would cost 2 PLEO. For employers, advanced analytics would cost 2 PLEO.

    User Adoption: 2

    • The general idea of this project is straightforward and easy to understand, which could help facilitate user adoption. The project is ultimately striving to bring value to a market that is accessed by the majority of the population.
    • The project has a solid list of partners including the NEM foundation, Staffing Industry Analysts, and Smile-Expo.
    • Empleos does not have much buzz surrounding the project. The project has only 97 Twitter followers, almost 2800 followers on Facebook, and about 1600 Telegram group members.

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