Eloplay Token

Starts: 10/16/17 Ends: 11/15/17

BMJ QuickScore: 4.6





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Esports platform Eloplay.com allows players to organize and participate in tournaments with decentralized prize pools. The Eloplay team has managed to develop and test a set of hypotheses and to bring the project to life in 18 months. Read our Eloplay Token analysis here.

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Team Members

Vitaly Balakhonov (LinkedIn)
Yuri Vysotskiy (LinkedIn)
Dmytro Salnikov (LinkedIn)
Nir Asaf (LinkedIn)
Vladymir Popov (LinkedIn)
Sergey Mushta (LinkedIn)
Yaroslav Yakovenko (LinkedIn)
Sergey Korzhikov (LinkedIn)
Aleksandr Lezhenko (LinkedIn)
Pavel Zakhovalko (LinkedIn)
Esteban van Goor (LinkedIn)
Victoria Moskalenko (LinkedIn)
Dmitriy Makushin (LinkedIn)
Oleksandr Sviridovskiy (LinkedIn)
Valeria Arsjuta (LinkedIn)
Elizabeth Izmailova (LinkedIn)
Andrei Veressov (LinkedIn)
Norbert Radoki (LinkedIn)
Ivo Georgiev (LinkedIn)
Mate Tokay (LinkedIn)

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