Debitum Network

Starts: 11/30/17 Ends: 12/30/17

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Debitum Network is an umbrella brand for elements of distributed framework for alterna4ve finance. Debitum coin is a blockchain-based digital token that facilitates the transmission of informa4on and command signals within Debitum Network.

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Questions and Answers

What is the price per token?

According to the Debitum Telegram group, currently priced at $0.16 USD per token (1/30/18).

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Team Members

Martins Liberts (LinkedIn)
Donatas Juodelis (LinkedIn)
Justas Saltinis (LinkedIn)
Mažvydas Mackevičius (LinkedIn)
Monika Varkalytė (LinkedIn)
Eyal Hertzog (LinkedIn)
Tadas Langaitis (LinkedIn)
Richard Evans (LinkedIn)
Andrius Bogdanovičius (LinkedIn)
Andrius Nikitinas (LinkedIn)
Michael Ricks (LinkedIn)
Peter Howitt (LinkedIn)
Mart Lume (LinkedIn)

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