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Cryptoloans – is the first blockchain platform for secure lending, trading and exchange cryptocurrency. We are the first who created the solution for guarantee the return of the creditor`s cryptocurrency funds or its declared value. Our project solves a lot of global problems in the areas of investments in cryptocurrency, P2P-lending, trading on financial markets, cryptocurrency exchange and algorithmic trading. Our solutions will allow to democratize the cryptocurrency market and stop further monopolization of this market. Our platform is intended to continue the cryptocurrency expansion among all sections of the population of the Planet, regardless of their social status and regalia.

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Questions and Answers

How do I invest and what is the current price?

To invest, go to their Home Page at, you will see a button that indicates “Buy Token with a Bonus”. That will then lead you directly to a page where you can invest. Pricing information is available here:

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Dmitry Zhurba (LinkedIn)
Oleg Zlotnyk (LinkedIn)
Dmitriy Plekhanov (LinkedIn)

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