Starts: 10/31/17 Ends: 1/14/18

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Crypterium's goal is to provide a complete vertically integrated service that encompasses the best ideas from the entire community of the world's best blockchain enthusiasts

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Team Members

Keith Teare (LinkedIn)
Elie Galem (LinkedIn)
Katrina Arden (LinkedIn)
Fabio Tamburrano (LinkedIn)
Roger Crook (LinkedIn)
Andras Kristof (LinkedIn)
Mike Raitsyn (LinkedIn)
Steven Polyak (LinkedIn)
Austin Kimm (LinkedIn)
Gleb Markov (LinkedIn)
Vladimir Gorbunov (LinkedIn)
Pavel Rasputin (LinkedIn)
Nick Evdokimov (LinkedIn)
Dimitriy Fomin (LinkedIn)
Ilya Churakov (LinkedIn)
Simon Sergeev (LinkedIn)
Igor Tszyan-Nyn-Tsay (LinkedIn)
Ruff Rubaker (LinkedIn)
Ivan Vasiliev (LinkedIn)
Igor Semenchenko (LinkedIn)

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