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Starts: 11/8/18 Ends: 12/13/18

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Quick Summary

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Coinolix Cryptocurrency Exchange aims to provide traders with an ideal altcoin exchange platform aided by their unique trading engine and strong customer service.


  • Coinolix’s customer service could distinguish it from other exchanges. Many popular exchanges have trouble handling customer service issues in a timely manner.
  • The platform’s trade engine can handle a great deal of traffic, and the platform has a wide range of trading pairs available.

  • Cons

  • It may be difficult to attract new users that are already comfortable using other popular trading platforms.
  • It is uncertain whether the project can deliver on its promise of reliable customer service if there is a large population of platform users.

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    Investment Information:

    • How to invest: For information regarding how to invest in the Coinolix Cryptocurrency Exchange token sale, visit the link.
    • Discount:
    • First two weeks: 20% discount
    • Third week: 10% discount
    • Fourth week: 5% discount
    • Eligibility: US, China, and Singapore are restricted.
    • Payments Accepted: BTC, ETH, Fiat
    • Minimum Purchase: 0.3 ETH

    Market: 3.5

    • The project hopes to address problems in the market regarding liquidity, poor customer support, platform security, and language hurdles.
    • The Coinolix Exchange aims to bring value to the market with a wide range of altcoins and tokens, a trading engine that can process millions of transactions per second, an intuitive UI, affordable fees, and 24/7 customer support.
    • Coinolix will have to compete with exchanges that are already established like Binance, Bittrex, and Poloniex in addition to other ICOs that are aiming to create new exchanges.
    • Grandview research suggests that the blockchain market size is projected to reach over $7 Billion USD by 2024.

    Competitive Advantage: 3.5

    • Coinolix’s trade engine could make investor’s lives easier by eliminating stuck trading requests or other trading errors. It is capable of managing 1.2 million transactions per second. The platform will also include spot market trading, margin trading, and futures market trading features.
    • The exchange will offer a wide range of trading pairs including BTC, ETH, XRP, NEO, LTC, DASH, CLX, and USDC (USD pegged against CLX).

    Team: 3

    • Team members have relevant experience working with blockchain technology and in finance. CTO Rajesh Vora is the founder and CEO of Additionally, project CEO Prasanna Puniwala is a former broker for InstaForex and a former executive at HDFC Bank.
    • One of Coinolix’s advisors, Miikka Saloseutu, has experience advising ICO projects such as OPP Open WiFi, LOLIGO, and Terawatt. Another project advisor, Carlo Buonpane, has been a blockchain consultant for the past two years.
    • Team Members

    • Prasanna Puniwala (LinkedIn)
    • Rajesh Vora (LinkedIn)
    • Shiv Bhagat (LinkedIn)
    • Bhavesh Pandav (LinkedIn)
    • Premal Bhagatji (LinkedIn)
    • Shivang Jariwala (LinkedIn)
    • Joy Jariwala (LinkedIn)

    Token Mechanics: 4

    • The project’s available MVP displays the exchange’s intuitive user interface and gives users insight as to how the exchange works.
    • The CLX token can be used as a trading pair on the exchange. The token will also be used on the platform to pay for trading, withdrawal, and listing fees.
    • Every quarter 20% of the exchange’s profit will be used to buy back and burn CLX until the token supply is reduced to 40% of the original supply.
    • Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 CLX
    • When CLX is used to pay for platform fees, users receive a rebate.

    User Adoption: 3

    • The Coinolix Exchange’s mission is straightforward and provides value to users with its increased customer support and its trade engine. If the project can follow through on its promise of 24/7 customer support, the platform may entice altcoin investors who are tired of the common slow responses from more popular exchanges.
    • There is a decent amount of buzz around the project with over 15,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook, and almost 60,000 members in the Telegram group chat. However, the engagement on Twitter and Facebook seems artificial.

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