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Quick Summary

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Coinnup aims to offer a unified interface for users and businesses, connecting the dots between all major components of digital asset management. Streamline all the major components that drive the digital economy, Coinnup’s user-focused ecosystem will provide customized solutions comprised of a fiat central platform that could potentially bring merchants and buyers to just one point of sale terminal, an exchange for traders, and a wallet for securing digital assets that will be synchronized across all devices. Some potential uses for Coinnup’s platform are for users to pay utility bills, send and receive payments domestically or internationally, shop online or offline, or pay for holiday trips, book hotels, and book flights. Coinnup will be starting off with two major components, portfolio management and coin rankings, followed by the fiat central and exchange.


  • Coinnup’s Smart Link could be an attractive feature to potential platform users. It potentially allows platform users to move their funds around freely without having to worry about extensive transfer times and fees.
  • Coinnup’s buy back program will likely increase the value of the PMZ token as the supply could get reduced by up to 40%, which could potentially incentive platform users to hold the token.

  • Cons

  • Coinnup’s project is not stunningly unique.
  • The PMZ token’s use cases are somewhat limited.
  • Coinnup’s broad focus on many different regions and markets throughout their rollout could prove to be an obstacle for the project’s success.
  • The fact that the project has two brands may cause confusion.

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    Investment Information:

    • How to invest: Coinnup offers a step-by-step process on how to contribute. The information stems from the first question of their FAQ section on their website.
    • Discount: The bonus will start at 10% on Aug 24th and go down to 5% on Sep 25
    • Eligibility: Restrictions include the USA, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Crimea Region.
    • Currencies accepted: ETH, BTC, NEO, LTC, and BCH
    • Minimum Purchase: 9,000 PMZ

    Market: 3

    • The problems Coinnup seeks to solve are: non-existent Global Central platform, non-existent of Point of sale system (POS) for cryptos, problems with crypto ranking websites, lack of portfolio management, problem with existing wallets, and false claims of instant withdrawals.
    • Coinnup is planning to expand into all markets including retail stores, mobile network companies, government departments, ecommerce checkouts, mobile payments, and API etc.
    • The regions in which Coinnup plans to pursue growth throughout their rollout plan have a combined GDP of approximately $29.5 Trillion USD, combined populations of over 3.4 billion, and combined e-commerce market value of about $32 billion USD.

    Competitive Advantage: 3.5

    • Coinnup’s exchange has various valuable features for platform users, including their matching and trading engine, smart sync, swift stop, stop loss, and multi-currency pair features.
    • Coinnup Smart Link will allow users to connect their bank account, credit card, and debit card with the Coinnup platform. This will enable deposits and withdrawals to be made quickly. This feature, in conjunction with Coinnup’s sell mechanism, could potentially allow platform users to move funds around quickly without incurring excessive transaction fees.
    • Coinnup is only one half of the project’s brand. Coinnup deals with the project’s portfolio management, coin rankings, ICO launchpad, and ICO listings and reviews. Paymaz, the other half of the project’s brand, is an ecosystem made up of five core platforms: Paymaz crypto exchange, Paymaz fiat central, Paymaz B2B and B2C payment gateways, Paymaz debit card and spending management, and Paymaz POS network. The universal wallet is also covered under the Paymaz platform.
    • Coinnup has a unique user ID verification system that will guarantee users will trade, buy, or sell cryptocurrency. This system will require users to be verified only once to access services.
    • Coinnup’s ICO launchpad will provide investors with access to ICOs that have been vetted to ensure quality and build trust within the crowdfunding community.

    Team: 3

    • The Coinnup team consists of financial experts, marketers, innovators, developers, designers, and economists. Coinnup’s advisors also have a background which includes blockchain experience.
    • Team members have solid LinkedIn files that increase their credibility.
    • Paymaz’s CEO, Tayyab Rahman has experience as a regional operations manager for Edrop, where he focused on partnerships and contract management, and centralized shipments and ecommerce integration.
    • Coinnup and Paymaz’s head of marketing, Rachna Pandya has experience as a digital marketing specialist for Swadesh softwares and as the head of product marketing for Fincode, in addition to other marketing and analyst experience.
    • Team Members

    • Myroslav Gavryliak (LinkedIn)
    • Tayyab R. (LinkedIn)
    • Serhiy Novoseletskiy (LinkedIn)
    • Bogdan Ruptash (LinkedIn)
    • Marko Pajic (LinkedIn)
    • Rachna Pandya (LinkedIn)

    Token Mechanics: 3

    • The MVP exists and can be viewed/tried at the following link.
    • The Coinnup token (PMZ) will be used to pay PMZ service fees when buying cryptocurrency, to allow holders access to a reduced crypto-fiat selling fee, to send and receive domestic payments free of charge in PMZ that will be converted to fiat automatically, to buy groceries and pay utilities through Coinnup’s POS network, mobile recharge using PMZ, to pay exchange trading and withdrawal fees, and to pay coin listing fees.
    • Coinnup will have a buyback program where it uses 1.5% of revenue every two quarters to burn PMZ permanently. Coinnump aims to buy back 40% of the total supply and reduce the maximum supply to 179,100,000 PMZ.
    • Token Supply: 298,500,000 PMZ

    User Adoption: 3

    • Coinnup will provide users with coin rankings with community portfolio sharing, built-in blogs and news, community trend voting, and live buy/sell data streams.
    • Coinnup has been featured on basic ICO sites such as ICO Marks and Track ICO. The most notable news outlet that has written about them is BuzzFeed.
    • Coinnup has a subpar Telegram account with only 8.8k members, but it makes up for it with an incredible 47k followers on Facebook and additional 8k on Twitter.
    • Coinnup has screenshots of its app’s UI, and by all accounts it looks very user-friendly. The team wants to create an all-in-one solution for B2B, B2C, common buyer, investors, and traders, meaning the UI and UX both have to be simple yet effective.
    • Coinnup will provide bank-level encryption protocols to ensure that users’ holdings will be protected. Coinnup is also pursuing a partnership with an industry leader specializing in multi-signature and multi-currency wallets.

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