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BLOCKv, the shared protocol for the blockchain developer stack, represents the interface moment in the maturation of the blockchain sector. BLOCKv provides developers with the building blocks to design the experiential economy of the future and unlock new revenue generating opportunities for businesses within this growing ecosystem.

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Team Members

Reeve Collins (LinkedIn)
Gunther Thiel (LinkedIn)
Lukas Fluri (LinkedIn)
Craig Sellars (LinkedIn)
Brock Pierce (LinkedIn)
Walter Kortschak (LinkedIn)
Peter Diamandis (LinkedIn)
Xin Chung (LinkedIn)
Jeff Holden (LinkedIn)
Emmanuel Seuge (LinkedIn)
Sam Englebardt (LinkedIn)
Mike Costache (LinkedIn)
David Drake (LinkedIn)
Joe Polish (LinkedIn)
Alex Lightman (LinkedIn)
Richard Titus (LinkedIn)
Gil Penchina (LinkedIn)

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