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Quick Summary

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Blackbox OS is a next generation token-operated and governed platform to manage distributed companies, teams, and projects on the blockchain. BBOS looks to effectively eliminate duplicate and repetitive workflows, improve collaboration, and equitably distribute rewards based on objective evaluations.


  • Blackbox’s different modules could be of value to many different businesses by helping them become more efficient.
  • The network already includes over a dozen organizations and hard-to-find talents such as data scientists, machine learning engineers, and blockchain development.
  • Overall, Blackbox provides a versatile platform that has many potential use cases.

  • Cons

  • There is a disturbing lack of established focus for an initial market the project will enter.
  • Blackbox clearly identifies how its platform can help other businesses succeed, but it does not identify a clear vision for how the business will operate and succeed.

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    Investment Information:

    • How to invest: For information on how to participate in Blackbox’s token sale, visit their website.
    • Eligibility: BBOS token sale is NOT available for U.S. and Chinese persons.
    • 1 ETH
    • Payment Accepted: ETH

    Market: 3.5

    • Blackbox has the ability to enter many different markets but does not have a clear vision for a specific market to enter initially.
    • Blackbox OS could prove to be a versatile tool that can help both large and small businesses.
    • This project is aiming to provide solutions that many businesses have a demand for by increasing interoperability between organizations, improving cross team collaboration, increasing workflow, and providing fair compensation.
    • Blackbox OS has an AI and HR module. These markets are expected to experience significant growth in the future. By 2025, the global HR market is expected to be worth $30 Billion USD and the AI market is expected to be worth around $191 Billion USD by 2024.

    Competitive Advantage: 4

    • BBOS’s Deliverable Value Points and Proof of Value protocols enable the platform to fairly compensate contributors through objectively analyzing and quantifying the value added by contributors. Fair compensations may lead to higher engagement, better work quality, and higher contributor retention.
    • Deliverable value points are an input metric referencing the value of a deliverable based on the required skill type and skill level, anticipated effort, the fair market rate, and a factor allowing to adjust for elements such as priority and attractiveness of a deliverable.
    • By reducing biases and opinions, Proof of Value creates an evolving, scalable way to automate task-based compensation and ensures fair rewards based on contribution.
    • What makes the project different is the economic model uniting labor and capital around a cooperative model for the future of work. Blackbox is powered and funded by client revenues, partnerships, and believers to ensure the model works in the real world.
    • BBOS is an operating system composed of configurable modules. These modules feature battle-hardened methodologies, AI services, and lightweight components designed to give any collective, agency, or group instant wins. The modules that make up BBOS ecosystem are the AI module, the HR module, and the Discovery module.

    Team: 4

    • The Blackbox Foundation has an incredibly qualified team with many members working at esteemed corporations such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Nike, Merrill Lynch, Apple, and Intel, just to name a few.
    • Blackbox team members have a great LinkedIn presence that adds credibility to the project.
    • Blackbox’s founder and CEO Jason J Sosa is the CEO of a venture that is backed by venture capitalists, and is a $20M venture capital advisor.
    • Blackbox’s co-founder and CTO Benjamin Stewart has experience in engineering and finance, working for Carlyle and UBS.
    • Team Members

    • Jason J Sosa (LinkedIn)
    • Ben Stewart (LinkedIn)
    • Bob Goodman (LinkedIn)
    • Tom Bowles (LinkedIn)
    • Shahid Chishty (LinkedIn)
    • Matthew Knapp (LinkedIn)

    Token Mechanics: 3.5

    • The project currently does not have an MVP
    • The BBOS token bestows a right that results in product usage, governance, a contribution mechanism, and access to products. Token holders can also use the token to submit proposals and vote on decisions that impact them.
    • Tokens can be earned by doing active work (real work and actions), or passive work (data sharing). Participants receive 90 percent of their billable rate.
    • The platform provides users with a liquid democracy that allows token holders to select a representative to be a proxy for their vote.
    • Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 BBOS
    • Token Price: 1 BBOS = 0.16 USD
    • Soft Cap: 8,000,000 BBOS; Hard Cap: $10,000,000 USD

    User Adoption: 3.5

    • Blackbox has a solid social media presence with over 15,000 followers on Twitter, 11,000 followers on Facebook, and over 26,000 Telegram group members.
    • Blackbox’s prioritizing fair compensation is beneficial for all platform users through the DVP and PoV protocols.
    • BBOS’s strong focus on identity and management disincentivizes malicious behavior and helps provide solid security for users.

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