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Pangea is a secure mesh network forming a distributed web, accessed through a smartphone chat user friendly interface. Blockchain agnostic smart contract functionality powers the Pangea Jurisdiction, currently implemented with Ethereum.

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Team Members

Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof (LinkedIn)
James Fennell (LinkedIn)
John Mathews (LinkedIn)
Erik Vollstädt (LinkedIn)
Daniel França (LinkedIn)
Kent Dahlgren (LinkedIn)
Sonja Prstec (LinkedIn)
Alma Sommer (LinkedIn)
Björn Paulsson (LinkedIn)
Adrian Pollio (LinkedIn)
Alberto R. Estarrona (LinkedIn)
William H (LinkedIn)
Camilo Luna (LinkedIn)
Rick Falkvinge (LinkedIn)
David Orban (LinkedIn)
Vinay Gupta (LinkedIn)
Todd Huffman (LinkedIn)
Kilian Kleinschmidt (LinkedIn)
Vit Jedlicka (LinkedIn)

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