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B2AND is a result-oriented cloud-based online platform providing easy-to-use and scalable service utilising viral marketing within marketing campaigns in new innovative and extremely effective way. Nowadays, traditional advertising models do not fully satisfy contemporary needs of a potential advertisers and blockchain represent an exceptional solution for this. The new concept creates advertisers out of consumers and generates peer-to-peer advertising earnings through blockchain, transforming viral marketing to truly transparent and measurable. The new B2AND decentralized eco-system will be based on successful B2AND platform and will rely on a decentralized architecture on Ethereum blockchain supported by B2AND token. The B2A decentralized eco-system will be transformed through four generations, whereas 1st generation B2AND platform has already been deployed.

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Jani Laakso (LinkedIn)
Jere Vuorenala (LinkedIn)
Jemayel Tucay (LinkedIn)
Hochun Kim (LinkedIn)
Anthony Lam (LinkedIn)
Mika Jokela (LinkedIn)

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