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"Arcus coin is a digital currency based on Ethereum technologies and blockchain with the standard ERC20 smart contracts platform.Arcus is a decentralized e-commerce platform focusing on alleviating unnecessary transaction and service fees. Arcus will run custom blockchain operations that will provide optimal services and financial incentives for Arcus Coin Holders. Arcus will be the first of it’s kind to be runned by a universal democratic system that lets Arcus Coin holders decide the direction and fate of the company. Arcus will be the first to utilize cryptocurrency as its form of payments where users can send money back and forth without any intermediary stepping in and taking cuts of your money. Unlike other ecommerce sites.Definitely, changing the ecommerce industry and business structure as a whole with the technological advantages that blockchain technology provides. Arcus will associate a multi-signature escrow technique involving insurance deposits but also make use of media (photos/videos) when goods are shipped to resolve cases of fraudulent behavior. We aim to be a fully transparent democratic company that gets rid of traditional business standards and revamp howgoods are purchased. Thus, bringing in a new model that is fair to everyone and that changes the world for the better."

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