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AMCHART is a patient driven Electronic Health Record on a hybrid public/private blockchain with AI for analytics and an incentive drive model for better outcomes. The incentive drive model is based on maintenance of health records, wellness program participation, population health, and data sharing with certified partners for analytics and proactive healthcare management. The consensus security is based on Intel SGX chips and running the consensus directly on hardware not only provides extra security, but also accelerates transaction times and stabilizes our ability to decentralize the medical record appropriately. AMCHART with be utilizing Ethereum based Smart contracts and a Hyperledger Sawtooth framework to create a secure pathway to access patient data for both patients and providers.

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Team Members

Aman Quadri (LinkedIn)
Chokha Palayamkottai (LinkedIn)
Khalid (Ken) Parekh (LinkedIn)
Dennis Adams (LinkedIn)
Andrew Casas (LinkedIn)
Chen-Hung (Jim) Hsieh (LinkedIn)
Saqib Dhanani (LinkedIn)
Raheel Retiwalla (LinkedIn)
Rajnish Prasad (LinkedIn)

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