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Quick Summary

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AgentMile is a solution to transform the commercial real estate (CRE) experience for brokers, landlords and tenants. It offers enhanced leasing capabilities, management and reporting.


  • Huge advantage in already having launched AgentDrive and AgentGrow, gives the team better chemistry and more experience in the field.
  • Currently in use by over 1,000 real estate professionals in 20+ countries.

  • Cons

  • No sign of an MVP or at least proof of concept.
  • The full potential of the project relies on more CRE brokerages joining the platform.
  • FIAT currency is also an acceptable form of payment, slightly diminishing the value of the ESTATE token.

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    How to Invest

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    Then see AgentMile Investment Instructions

    Investment Information:

    • How to invest: In order to participate in the AgentMile token sale, register as an investor at the following link .
    • Discount: 43% -5% each week
    • Token Price: 1 Token = USD $0.20
    • Token Supply: 100 million ESTATE tokens.
    • Soft Cap: $1 million USD
    • Hard Cap: $20 million USD
    • Eligibility: You don’t have the right to buy Agentmile estate tokens if you are (i) a green card holder of the United States of America, or (ii) a citizen or a resident (tax or otherwise) of the United States of America, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands of United States, or any other possessions of the United States of America, Singapore, people’s republic of China or South Korea.
    • Jurisdiction: Fall under the jurisdiction of Estonia.
    • Min Token Purchase: $0.20
    • AgentMile accepts purchases via Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and FIAT via bank/wire transfer.

    Market: 4

    • AgentMile looks to tackle some lingering industry problems, including antiquated and disparate technology, time-consuming due diligence, industry data kept behind closed doors, inaccurate and unverified property data, complicated property and cash flow management, and unavailable property history.
    • AgentMile’s target market includes major real estate firms and the associated agents/brokers. A few of their notable clients are Century 21, PropertyGuru, and Coldwell Banker. The entire ecosystem will involve landlords and tenants as well.
    • CRE has turned into a global asset class and is attracting record institutional investment. Global transaction volume registered for all of 2017 volumes to over $600 billion USD. According to AgentMile, “76.9% of the CRE C-level and senior executives say that “investment in technology and process improvement to support their firm’s asset and portfolio decision making is a business priority”.

    Competitive Advantage: 4.5

    • Most significant competitive advantages of the platform itself include AV/VR, Real Estate CRM, User Digital Identities, Property Digital Identities, and Online Payments.
    • Having launched two real estate startups, AgentDrive and AgentGrow, the team behind AgentMile has the expertise and knowledge to launch new innovations in the CRE industry.

    Team: 4

    • The AgentMile company was actually established in 2015 under the name “AgentDrive”. AgentDrive was an award-winning real estate CRM and marketing platform. It’s the reason they’re already used by over 1,000 real estate professionals in 20+ countries. They subsequently launched AgentGrow, a real estate website builder.
    • The team expects AgentMile to revolutionize the CRE industry led by the CEO, Wladimir Baranoff-Rossine. Wladimir is a serial entrepreneur who founded numerous, successful startups prior to AgentMile. He was able to raise millions of dollars for both Shopgate and MobiCart and in the process was nominated for the ME top 50 Mobile Innovators Award.
    • Team Members

    • Wladimir Baranoff-Rossine Founder & CEO (LinkedIn)
    • Ángel Luis Quesada Nieto CTO (LinkedIn)
    • Konstantin Boyko Technical Director (LinkedIn)

    Token Mechanics: 3.5

    • AgentMile has the launch of their platform scheduled for the end of Q2, but there’s no sign of an MVP on website or white paper.
    • The ESTATE token will function as a reward for users that review a property, promote a property, share data, complete a lease and rental agreement, or simply register on the platform. The ESTATE token will be a form of payment for such services as publishing properties, leasing and renting a property, etc.

    User Adoption: 2

    • AgentMile is creating a platform that solves a variety of problems within the industry. The main goal of AgentMile is to improve all aspects of CRE with one platform. The specific improvements stemming from blockchain integration take a little time to understand, but AgentMile has an excellent 85 page white paper to make sure all details are explained in the fullest. Overall, it’s a platform that the average person could certainly learn.
    • AgentMile clearly doesn’t slack off when it comes to marketing their project. They’ve got 64,000 Telegram, 11,000 Facebook, and 21,800 Twitter followers. These numbers most likely stem from an increase marketing effort along with prior public recognition from their previous ventures.

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