How Our Newsletter’s Getting Better

change is the only constant

A few years ago, I subscribed to the eToro newsletter. They had this guy writing for them that was the real deal: not only did he understand crypto markets, but he had a global perspective.

He was quotable. He was funny. He used memes.

I saw talent.

This guy is changing the way people report on financial news, I thought to myself. We’ve got to get him for Bitcoin Market Journal.

As luck would have it, he left eToro to start his own financial analysis company, and we made plans to meet up in Las Vegas at Blockchain Week 2019. This was during the first Crypto Winter, when no one was investing: the best time to find new talent.

My memory of our first meeting is in the car dropoff area of the Cosmopolitan Hotel, so he could have a smoke. With his glasses and bow tie, he was a bold contrast to the “crypto bros” all around us. I found him friendly, personable, and down-to-earth.

More importantly, our investing philosophies aligned.

“The difference between a trader and an investor is, you know, somebody who loses money versus somebody who makes money consistently,” he later said, and I couldn’t agree more.

At Bitcoin Market Journal, our mission is to encourage smart, long-term crypto investing that builds wealth and financial freedom – versus the short-term crypto trading that leaves most smaller investors in ruin.

That gentleman, of course, was Mati Greenspan.

We struck a deal with Mati, and moved our weekly newsletter to daily. It’s been a terrific ride ever since: through the thaw of Crypto Spring, through the excitement of DeFi Summer, through the euphoria of NFT Autumn, and back into winter.

Throughout it all, we’ve maintained a consistent message at BMJ:

  • Buy bitcoin, plus a handful of quality digital assets
  • Using a steady-drip monthly investment
  • As part of a balanced portfolio
  • And hold for the long-term (5+ years)

Where Mati really shines is explaining this long-term strategy in the context of short-term market movements.

We launched an ill-fated crypto video initiative, the Blockchain Media Network, in early 2020, just weeks before the pandemic. I vividly remember shooting interviews at the MIT Bitcoin Expo in March 2020, in those weird days before the world went into lockdown, spraying down our mikes and chairs after each interview.

Those interviews never saw the light of day, but someday crypto historians will unearth them and make a Netflix documentary.

Later, Mati scaled back his daily columns and brought on outstanding talent, including Evamarie Augustine, Alexandre Lores, Charles Bovaird, and Max Kerner. Each of them brought their own perspective and talent to our newsletter, and we are grateful for their contributions.

But in this industry, the only constant is change.

We offer a huge thank you to Mati and the team for their amazing work. Starting Monday, you can expect a bold new direction.

paper planes

The New Newsletter

First, we’re bringing our own talent to the forefront. We’ve spent the last few years developing an incredible team of journalists and analysts, who produce our website content and premium member downloads. You’ll hear a lot more from them.

Second, we’re focusing more on building your long-term wealth. We’ll still have our daily “Must-Read” – just one important story you need to keep you on top of crypto markets – but we’ll focus on investing insight you need to become rich over the long haul.

Third, we’re featuring an ICYMI section (In Case You Missed It) that lets you catch up on our featured content from the last week, as we know some days you’re too busy to read.

Fourth, we’re doubling down on our tagline of “Health, Wealth, and Happiness.” We’re literally reprogramming our minds together, to develop the wealth-building mindset in a way that’s positive, constructive, and helpful to humans.

Finally, we’re staying daily for Blockchain Believers, but everyone else will receive the newsletter on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This allows us to put even more time and energy into an incredible product for our Premium members. (Sign up here.)

The Only Thing Constant is Change

Just as crypto evolves, so must we.

I hope that we’re able to reinvent ourselves like this every several years, learning what our community wants and developing amazing products and services to help serve you better.

At the same time, the core investing principles, the core mindset, I hope will remain consistent. They have served us – and all of you who have followed them – very, very well. I trust they will continue to do so.

And if you’re not already on the list, or need to update your email, click here to subscribe.

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