How Much Do We Invest in Crypto?

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At Bitcoin Market Journal, we’ve got a lot of content.

Almost 10,000 pages and videos.

One of our great challenges is introducing people to the site: where do they start?

Regular readers may remember that we created a Start Here survey last year, which had the added benefit of collecting (anonymous) data on what our crypto community looks like.

Today I’ll give you updated stats on what we’ve learned about our readership, including how much they’ve invested (spoiler alert: on average, about $75,000).

What Our Crypto Investors Look Like

do you own crypto chart

Most of our community already owns crypto, which is a useful takeaway: we don’t need to explain basic content like “What is bitcoin?” as much as we need to explain “How do I invest in LDO to maximize my ETH staking yield?”

Armed with this knowledge, we’ve been focusing more of our content on advanced investing and yield-farming strategies, and less on basic explainers.

do you currently earn yield chart

We’re split roughly 50/50 on those who are earning extra yield on top of their crypto. This is an area of opportunity for the other half, since smart yield strategies can be a good way to earn “interest” on your existing investment.

do you use defi products chart

A little more than half are using DeFi, which is another area of opportunity for those who aren’t. Trying out these DeFi products is the best way to see the investment opportunities in the next generation of the Web (a.k.a. Web3).

do you own nfts chart

A whopping 2/3 of our community reporting investing in NFTs (though this is down from the 3/4 that owned NFTs in our last survey recap). This is another area of education, since we’re long-term optimistic about NFT technology, but pessimistic about most of the NFTs currently on the market.

do you actively trade chart

We still have about half of our community actively trading, though it is hard to consistently make money this way (especially after taxes and fees). To educate people about the dangers of trading, we’ve still got a lot of work to do.

crypto portfolio chart

Finally, our average community member reports $750,000 in crypto holdings; see the chart above for the breakdown.

top investments bar graph

Here are the top 15 tokens held by our community of crypto investors.

(Re)Start Here

Every month, thousands of crypto investors find our site for the first time.

As you can see, some are discovering bitcoin for the first time. Some are degens. Some are building their own crypto mining rigs.

They’re all over the map.

Steven Pressfield, author of The War of Art, has a similar problem. Although his audience is different (writers and artists), he has a lot of content — books, blogs, videos – that he has organized in a clever way.

His Start Here page is magic. (Try it.)

Inspired by this page — and what we’ve learned from our original Start Here survey – this is how we’re reworking our Start Here page.

What Kind of Crypto Investor Are You?

I’m just starting out.

 I own a few tokens, but I’m looking for new ideas.

I’m actively earning yield, and looking for better rates.

I’m using DeFi products, and looking for new opportunities.

I’m an active trader (more than once a month).

I own NFTs, and am looking for new investments.

I’m looking to mine crypto myself.

Investor Takeaway

Being a serious crypto investor is hard work.

While most people rely on “hot crypto tips” from YouTube or Crypto Twitter, we encourage the opposite approach.

  • Find good quality crypto companies…
  • making real money…
  • managed by reputable teams…
  • with excellent long-term growth prospects…
  • (and hopefully selling at a fair price).

Most important, make crypto a small part of your overall investing portfolio, whether it’s $750,000 or $750.

One day, this strategy will just be common sense. Until then, we’ll keep (re)starting, again and again, until the message sinks in.


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