Top Bitcoin and Crypto Meetups for Boston, Rated and Reviewed

Boston Meetups

Interested in meeting people in Boston who share your interests in blockchain technology, digital assets, and fintech? We have pulled together this list of the best, most active and interesting blockchain meetups for 2023 in Boston and the surrounding area.

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City Meetup Group name Number of Members User Rating Activity Level Overall BMJ Score
Boston Boston Blockchain Association Presents 3,571 5 5 5.0
Boston Boston Blockchain Meetup 3,329 5 4 5.0
Boston Women in Blockchain Boston Meetup 2,118 5 4 4.5
Boston Blockchain and Crypto Investors 2,014 4 5 4.0
Boston Hyperledger Boston 2,116 4 3 3.5
Boston Boston Ethereum Developers 1,291 1 2 1.5
Boston Boston Blockchain Network 1,889 2 1<t/d> 1.5

Boston Blockchain presentsBoston Blockchain Association Presents

Number of members: 3,571

The Boston Blockchain Association is a group of entrepreneurs, innovators, and collaborators who are excited about the potential of blockchain technology. They are excited to develop local partnerships, networks, and resources as a community of innovators and collaborators to accelerate the adoption and development of blockchain technology. Their mission is to:

  1. Make Massachusetts a global leader in blockchain innovation.
  2. Promote, educate, and advance blockchain technology.
  3. Support and connect resources to entrepreneurs.

The meetup welcomes anyone involved in blockchain, and even those who are just curious about what it’s all about. (BMJ Score: 5.0)

Boston blockchain meetupBoston Blockchain Meetup

Number of members: 3,329

The Boston Blockchain Meetup group is dedicated to exploring the potential uses of blockchain technology, and their impact on society and financial systems around the world. Realizing that blockchain technology has the power to transform many of our industries, the group was created to explore the ramifications of those changes. Members will also have the opportunity to hear new ideas from individuals and startups in the blockchain space. (BMJ Score: 5.0)

Women in blockchainWomen in Blockchain Boston Meetup

Number of members: 2,118

Women in Blockchain is a Meetup group for women to learn from and mentor each other. They aim to connect women to thought leaders in this space to inspire, collaborate and encourage others. They also empower women and increase their participation in the blockchain space by fueling their education. The Meetup is open to all genders with a focus on women who are passionate about blockchain technology. (BMJ Score: 4.5)

Blockchain and crypto meetupBlockchain and Crypto Investors

Number of members: 2,014

The Blockchain and Crypto Investor group is hosted by Bitcoin Market Journal and is a place where anyone can come to learn more about investing opportunities in the blockchain space. With a focus on long-term hodling, this is a great place for beginning crypto investors to meet up with knowledgeable, seasoned crypto investors. No matter what your experience level in the crypto markets you’re sure to learn something new. (BMJ Score: 4.0)

Hyperledger BostonHyperledger Boston

Number of members: 2,116

The Hyperledger Foundation is a global collaboration hosted by The Linux Foundation. It invites financial, banking, Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing, and technology leaders. Participation in the meetups is open to all.

Their goals are:

  • Provide neutral, open, and community-driven infrastructure.
  • Build technical communities to develop blockchain and shared ledger POCs.
  • Educate the public about the market opportunity for blockchain technology.

As an informal part of Hyperledger, you’ll find 183 Hyperledger groups in 84 countries with over 91,000 members. These meetup groups form an integral part of the entire Hyperledger ecosystem. (BMJ Score: 3.5)

Boston Ethereum DevelopersBoston Ethereum Developers

Number of members: 1,291

Boston Ethereum Developers was created as a way to fully explore development of decentralized applications (dApps) in the Ethereum ecosystem. The meetups are focused on development, and can include current member projects, hands-on demonstrations, and discussions surrounding ongoing development of the Ethereum blockchain and the dApps in its ecosystem. (BMJ Score: 1.5)

Boston Blockchain NetworkBoston Blockchain Network

Number of members: 1,889

Boston Blockchain Network Meetup was created to provide a forum where those interested in or curious about blockchain technology can come to learn, explore, network, and collaborate with like-minded individuals. Organized by Boston New Technology, it’s a place for members to share their current projects and get feedback, as well as a learning space for those interested in blockchain’s place in the world. (BMJ Score: 1.5)

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