Web 3.0 Forum at CogX

Starts: 6/8/20 Ends: 6/10/20

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Streaming Event

Price: $99

Expected Attendees: 30000

Established: 2018

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The urgency has never been more apparent: with climate change accelerating every minute of every day; infectious diseases reaching into every corner of the Earth; and human rights, clean water, and education still being a luxury for some of the most vulnerable members of our society, we need to rethink the very basis of how we organize, make decisions, and structure the world's governance. Privacy preservation and adaptive organizations have never been more important. With the emergence of Web 3.0 technologies, we are able to organize in unprecedented ways, and rebuild our society and economy from the ground up. On 8-10th of June, you can join the CogX Virtual Experience from wherever you are in the world, and discuss topics like the decentralised justice system, technology-powered UBI, and accelerated vaccine discovery with the world's leading voices in each field.

Alex Masmej, Founder, Rocket
Andy Bromberg, Founder & CEO, Coinlist
Ben Goertzel, CEO, Singularity Net


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