Rwanda Blockchain Conference

Starts: 11/27/18 Ends: 11/27/18

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Established: 2018

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Blockchain is a way of structuring data in a way that makes an immutable, distributed, chronological, public ledger of transactions. Blockchain is the technology that makes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies possible. However, cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) are just the easiest way to leverage blockchain technology. What does that mean to Rwanda, you, your business and the future economic development of your finance, banking, travel, medical and emerging markets in Rwanda? Join us at the Rwanda Blockchain Conference on November 27, 2018 as we explore what exactly distributed ledger technology (aka Blockchain) is, why everyone from local, state and international Governments, to the UN, IMF and Global Fortune 500 companies are investing billions into this new technology that is being called the “Internet 3.0”. More importantly, we’ll discuss what does this mean for Rwanda and what strategic and practical steps can Rwanda take to be part of the Internet 3.0.

Samson Williams, Partner at Axes & Eggs Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Consultancy
Jen Buakaew, Crypto & ICO Investment Expert

Gulf Xellence

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