M.I.T. Bitcoin Expo 2019

Starts: 3/9/19 Ends: 3/10/19

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M.I.T. Building 10-250, 77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02142 USA

Price: $50

Expected Attendees: 800

Established: 2014

Quick Summary

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At the 2019 Bitcoin Expo, we will consider the challenges that face us today and how we can augment the development of this still-maturing ecosystem. This expo will be a learning experience for anyone, whether they are enthusiasts or someone who has only just heard the word Bitcoin.

Bill Barhydt, Founder & CEO at Abra
Rune Christensen, Co-Founder & CEO at MakerDAO Tadge Dryja, Thought Leader, MIT DCI

Chain Code
Z Coin

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