EmTech Hong Kong

Starts: 6/26/18 Ends: 6/27/18

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Hong Kong

Price: Free

Expected Attendees: 500

Established: 2018

Quick Summary

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EmTech Hong Kong is not an average tech conference. It is a curation of the world’s leading tech executives, scientists and investors. The mission is bold, yet the method is simple. What happens when the brightest minds in artificial intelligence, materials science, genomics, augmented reality - and much more - come together from around the world to share breakthrough research and discoveries? What happens when the best from academia and industry collaborate? What happens when scientists with the capability to change the world work with investors to commercialize ideas and tech executives to distribute it globally? Amazing things happen.

RJ Mical, Director of Games, Google
Xuedong Huang, Head, Speech and Language Group, Microsoft

Hong Kong Baptist University
University of Hong Kong

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