DeFi Conference 2021 (Virtual)

Starts: 8/5/21 Ends: 8/5/21

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Price: Free

Expected Attendees: 2500

Established: 2015

Quick Summary

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The DeFi Conference 2021 is an exciting free 1 day online conference on the 5 August 2021. The event will explore two of the hottest trends to emerge in the industry over the last few years: DeFi and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). On the DeFi track, speakers will explore the factors contributing to the rise of decentralised finance, its impact on the current financial system, and the players in markets such as in international remittance, lending and borrowing, derivatives, trading, payments and asset transfer. On the NFT track, speakers will discuss the current state of NFTs, their environmental impact, copyright issues, the leading NFT marketplaces and creation platforms, legal implications of NFTs, and the future of NFTs. The future is certainly exciting for both DeFi and NFTs, and the decentralisation movement will have a significant impact going forward.

Yele Bademosi (Keynote) – CEO and Co-Founder of Bundle
Shazaib Jaffer (Keynote) – Co-Founder of Dimo
Stephen Stonberg (Keynote) – CEO of Bittrex Global

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