Cryptocurrency Conference: Law & Regulation

Starts: 4/26/18 Ends: 4/26/18

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Tel Aviv, Israel

Price: Free

Expected Attendees: 300

Established: 2018

Quick Summary

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The world of cryptocurrency and crypto assets is brand new in legal terms. Alongside the enormous potential for new technologically advanced tools of transferring and storing value, there is a whole array of legal and regulatory challenges that need to be addressed and discussed. These challenges are heightened due to the global nature of cryptocurrency and the fact that each legislative, regulatory or judicial move in different countries may have far reaching effects and consequences on the crypto market as a whole. This conference is dedicated to practical and theoretical issues that different players in the cryptocurrency ecosystem need to address in the foreseeable future. It is also a chance to bring together leading figures from around the globe, for a comparative perspective.

Ohad Philip, Zioni Pillersdorf Phillip
Alexandre Gachet, Kellerhals Carrard

International Fintech UAB
Bits of Gold Ltd

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