Crypto Digital Space & Blockchain Technology Course

Starts: 5/17/19 Ends: 5/17/19

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Downtown Conference Center, 157 William St
New York, NY 10038

Price: $935

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Established: 2019

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Our premier speaker line up of renowned cryptocurrency and technology experts will cover many innovative and exploratory topics, as well as the surging questions pulsing throughout the cryptomarkets today. This will include an analysis of efficiencies within the global digital currency markets; discussion on capturing opportunities of dislocated markets; the challenges and solutions of maintaining consistent liquidity within turbulent digital markets; examination of long-term growth within state-of-the-art digital execution strategies; technology solutions review for delivering and managing digital assets and navigating the digital asset marketplace; the future of AI, machine learning and the cryptocurrency markets; scrutiny of the opportunities and advantages within volatile Bitcoin markets; insight into the impact of blockchain technology and the capital markets infrastructure; and focused review into unlocking the hidden value of next-generation investment products.

Bryan Feinberg, CEO and Founder of Etheralabs, Plato Technologies Inc., Plato Search Inc.
Ron Quaranta, Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance
Zura Kakushadze, CEO of Quantigic

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