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Established: 2016

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The 2nd Annual Blockchain FS Technology Forum, which will take place in London on November 7th, will address blockchain technology from a user-led point of view and will analyse its potential for the financial services industry – particularly its infrastructure – in the UK and beyond. At the forum, leading institutions that are pioneering the way forward within the financial services sector will discuss the qualities and potential of blockchain, its ability to change the face of business for all financial services institutions and its potential for replacing old processes and paperwork with new found cooperation, innovation and speed. Senior representatives from government, banks, insurance companies and fund managers will discuss how blockchain may substantially reduce fraud and crime by establishing collective trust in a highly secure shared view of the truth and how, by working together within a regulated framework, longstanding friction will be eliminated and new solutions created, delivering tangible business outcomes.

Emmanuel Aidoo, Head of Distributed Ledger Technology Strategy, Credit Suisse
Michael Coletta, Lead Blockchain Architect & Developer, LSEG

City & Financial Global
B9 lab

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