Block 9

Starts: 10/20/18 Ends: 10/20/18

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Richmond, VA USA

Price: Free

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Established: 2018

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This inaugural conference is a collaborative effort between VCU’s College of Engineering, CryptoVA, and Block Star Inc. The focus is towards educating and exploring the many benefits of Blockchain. The audience will range from business and community leaders, entrepreneurs, and students looking to expand their knowledge on the latest technology. Block 9 Conference is Central Virginia’s platform for Blockchain innovators and industry leaders to network, gather information and share insights with the purpose of moving the industry forward to greater heights. The latest advancements in the Blockchain architecture has created the next Web 3.0 and is rapidly changing how the world conducts business. This event will bring in top industry leaders and community builders to one place to discuss and educate the surrounding communities about the expansive potential applications of the Blockchain. Exploring and unlocking the possibilities of the latest technological developments on the Blockchain will bring innovation to real world economic applications, and drive the region further ahead of the rapidly changing technological world.

Alex Mejias, Attorney at Law, Law office of Alex Mejias
Ben Wunder, Technical Lead Connexus Secure

Trace RX
LeClair Ryan

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