Top Bitcoin Trading Simulators, Rated and Reviewed

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Would-be traders interested in the leveraged trading of various digital assets can practice their trading strategies by starting out with bitcoin trading simulators. These games re-create the real-world trading conditions for bitcoin and a number of other digital currencies. 

Through these crypto trading simulators, users can learn just how difficult it is to generate consistent profits through a platform like Bitmex. They can educate themselves without putting their digital/real-life wallets on the line. The Bitcoin Market Journal team has taken a closer look at the most popular bitcoin trading simulators, reviewing and rating them based on criteria such as ease of use, similarity to actual real-world trading conditions, and rewards offered. 

SimulatorDescriptionEase of UseSupported Digital AssetsReal World Prices/Trading ConditionsTwitter Following (Number of Followers)Real Money Opportunities (Rewards)Score
Spark ProfitSpark Profit is a bitcoin trading simulator featuring an attractive user interface. It offers real money earning possibilities to players. More importantly, it simulates real world trading conditions well, giving players an accurate idea on how easy/difficult it is to consistently beat the market. It works with non-digital assets as well.5356,76753.5 is another free, browser-based bitcoin trading game, which serves as a great educational tool for beginners. 31751,20853
BitmexBased in the Seychelles, Bitmex is perhaps the best-known online venue for the leveraged trading of crypto/fiat pairs. Its most popular such pair is the BTC/USD one. In this instance, we are specifically talking about the Bitmex testnet, which works with testnet bitcoins (not the real deal). Tap a bitcoin testnet faucet to pick up some testnet BTC. Once done, you are ready to trade risk-free, at the most popular leveraged crypto trading destination.111564,50012.5
Altcoin FantasyAltcoin Fantasy is a free game which allows players to trade against each other. It also offers substantial real money prizes, which it pays out in bitcoin. It uses various real-world digital asset exchanges for pricing. 3353,35252.5
Bitcoin HeroPerhaps the simplest of all featured digital asset trading simulators, Bitcoin Hero still does a good job of recreating real world trading conditions. It does not even require players to create an account to trade, though it is recommended for those who want to keep track of their trading performance. 545012
CoinMarketGameCoinMarketGame is a digital currency exchange simulator. What this means is that unlike some of the other games on this list, CMG is about actually buying/selling bitcoin and an impressive number of other digital assets. This game does not feature leverage. 3225012
Bitcoin Trading MasterA fully-fledged bitcoin trading simulator supporting several order types, Bitcoin Trading Master is in Early Access stage at Steam. It is NOT a free simulator. The community seems to like it. Most of its Steam reviews are positive. 11005012

This list is not exhaustive. There are scores of other bitcoin trading simulators out there. Contact us if you would like to see a specific simulator added to this page.

Spark Profit Gives Traders a Reality Check

This simplistic and easy-to-use bitcoin prediction game gives traders a taste of how difficult it can be to meet the simplest profit targets when trading digital asset futures.

Spark Profit is browser-based. It is also available as downloadable iOS and Android apps.

The game itself is extremely easy to learn. To help beginners, it comes with a handy interactive tutorial. As easy as it is to play, Spark Profit is difficult to master. Hitting the weekly profit threshold, which entitles players to real money rewards, is quite a challenge.

New Game. Supports Most of the Top Digital Assets and More is an actual digital asset exchange simulator. After you register and confirm your email address, you can buy and sell an impressive selection of digital currencies through it.

When you place an order, the game requires you to provide a reason for your move. In the “reason” field, you can post pictures, links, videos, and even graphs.

The educational utility of the setup is obvious. uses real-life asset prices and trading conditions.

Bitmex – The Infamous Scene of Most Leverage Trading Horror Stories

The actual version of Bitmex is known for spectacular trader losses, meltdowns, and allegations of market manipulation. We therefore have to reiterate that here, we are talking only about its testnet version.

This version works with testnet bitcoin. Acquiring such “play bitcoin” is a little bit of a pain. Those who go through the trouble will be directly exposed to Bitmex’s pitfalls and quirks. Such a lesson in leveraged trading is an invaluable one indeed.


Altcoin Fantasy Gives Away Real Money Prizes in Bitcoin

This trading simulator is focused on pitting traders against their peers in trading contests. Some of these contests pay out valuable prizes. If you find picking up $100 worth of bitcoin intriguing, Altcoin Fantasy is the simulator for you.

The Private Contest mode is a nice touch as well. Traders who set up such contests can even set entry fees.

In addition to real money prizes, players are also rewarded with Tradingview subscriptions and CryptoKitties.

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Bitcoin Hero Supposedly Uses Real-World Prices

The problem is that right now, however, their bitcoin price seems to be off by a few thousand dollars, which hardly inspires confidence.

That said, Bitcoin Hero is the simplest game on this rating list. You can play it with just a click at the official site.

While creating an account is not compulsory, to have your trading history tracked/saved, you need to register an account.

In addition to the web app, the game has been made available for Android and iOS devices.

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CoinMarketGame Supports Scores of Digital Currencies

CoinMarketGame has its players buying digital assets again. The unique selling point of the game is its vast selection of coins, which it sells/buys for their real-world value.

The game is a simplified digital asset exchange simulator, which fills orders instantly. See if you can generate profits under such slightly better-than-real trading conditions.


Bitcoin Trading Master Is Sold for EUR 3.99 on Steam

BTM is a standalone game, which is the only one that’s not free on the list. The reason it has made our selection is that it has generated an impressive amount of positive feedback.

Some of the players of this early access title think that it is underpriced as it is.

As far as intricacy and game-play depth is concerned, the simulator is certainly the equal of what some of the top real-world online trading venues offer. It is by all means a great educational tool for beginner bitcoin traders.


Trading through simulators such as the ones on this rating list is certainly a fun pastime for some. Do not forget, however, that real money trading entails great risks.

Do not rush your trading journey. Work through all these simulators first and then put real money onto the line, if and when you feel confident in doing so.

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