Best Blockchain YouTube Channels, Rated and Reviewed for 2019

Blockchain YouTube channels

YouTube has become an excellent source of information for a wide range of topics and digital currencies are not excluded. Today, you can find YouTube channels dedicated to digital currency trading, investing, mining and news.

We’ve rounded up the 15 best blockchain YouTube channels that you can watch to learn more about digital currencies.

Top Trading & Investing Channels

Top Trading & Investing ChannelsDescriptionYears in BusinessNumber of SubscribersTotal ViewsTwitter FollowersAuthorityScore
CryptoBudCryptoBud covers current events that affect cryptocurrency values as well as chart analysis, investment advice, and trade ideas that both beginners and experienced traders can understand.3.577,4393,512,84511,50042.5
The Modern InvestorThe Modern Investor covers current events that affect the values of the most popular digital currencies. The channel explains complex issues in an easy-to-comprehend manner.2.25110,99010,722,5635,06943
Louis ThomasLouis Thomas is a content creator who focuses on digital currency investing and advice on his YouTube channel. Unlike other investment-focused channels, Thomas appeals more to beginners who are still learning about digital currency investing as opposed to seasoned veterans. 396,1005,897,44627,10043
Tone VaysWall Street veteran Tone Vays covers trading and investment strategies for digital currencies as well as current events. His insight into the markets and trading advice is appreciated by both beginners and professionals.275,4756,864,828168,00043

Top Techie Channels

Top Techie ChannelsDescriptionYears in BusinessNumber of SubscribersTotal ViewsTwitter FollowersAuthorityScore
Andreas AntonopoulosAndreas Antonopoulos has been advocating for bitcoin since the early days of the digital currency. On his YouTube channel, you can find all of his talks and interviews, which provide excellent insight into the current state of bitcoin and the digital currency sector. 12158,9107,032,226455,00054.5
Off Chain with Jimmy SongOn his YouTube channel, outspoken Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song covers a wide range of topics including technical aspects of digital currencies as well as some current events. 128,329774,599135,00052.5
Ivan on TechHosted by Ivan Liljeqvist, Ivan on Tech focuses on all areas of digital currencies and blockchain technology by providing guides and tutorials on a wide range of aspects of the market. 6190,63011,237,89422,30044

Top Mining Channels

Top Mining ChannelsDescriptionYears in BusinessNumber of SubscribersTotal ViewsTwitter FollowersAuthorityScore
Son of a TechSon of a Tech offers easy-to-understand advice on digital currency mining that helps beginners and experienced miners to fine tune their mining operations. Gaming is also covered as a topic.635,5725,231,1397,64032
Digital GoldDigital Gold is another popular YouTube channel that focuses on digital currency mining by offering guidance and advice on how to mine using the latest mining hardware.1119,7773,438,38767532
VoskCoinVoskCoin focuses on the experiences of an at-home digital currency miner who shares his insights into the current state of the digital currency mining market for small mining operations.1.570,4005,451,4775,08542

Top News Channels

Top News ChannelsDescriptionYears in BusinessNumber of SubscribersTotal ViewsTwitter FollowersAuthorityScore
Altcoin BuzzAs the name suggests, Altcoin Buzz focuses primarily on the altcoin markets by covering news and events about digital currencies other than bitcoin.2.75213,14216,784,74779,90044.5
Box MiningHosted by Michael Gu, Box Mining has emerged as one of the most popular YouTube channels covering current events in the digital currency markets thanks to Gu's ability to explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. 1.75197,02912,438,86377,40054.5
Crypto DailyThe UK-based channel, Crypto Daily, has become very popular among digital currency users for covering current events in a humorous manner.4.25213,1387,810,2707,26144
Decentralized TVCreated by Peter Saddington, Decentralized TV is a YouTube channel that provides commentary on current events in the blockchain industry.178,3339,582,8696,89243
World Crypto NetworkHosted by Andy Hoffman, World Crypto Network focuses on daily news coverage of all aspects of the digital currency market. 4.2560,0515,015,82260,30043

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