Best Blockchain Training Courses and Classes for 2019

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At Bitcoin Market Journal, we’re frequently asked, “Where can I learn more about blockchain?” Whether you’re a business professional looking to understand the basics of blockchain, or a developer looking to increase your programming knowledge, this is your go-to guide for the best online blockchain classes.

Developer-focused blockchain classes are oriented toward technology and application. They teach you to install and code within the blockchain environment. These courses are best for a reader interested in working in blockchain as a developer.

Business-focused blockchain courses teach business and theory. While they will often discuss technology, they do so from a theoretical standpoint. These courses are best for a reader interested in understanding blockchain from a business perspective.

Developer Focused

Learning to code means learning the ins and outs of programming.

It’s more important that you understand how to think like a coder than that you learn specific languages. Like most modern development, blockchain is spread across a wide variety of languages. Some rely on standard workhorse languages, such as Bitcoin’s C++ codebase. Other projects go out and invent their own programming languages, like Ethereum’s Solidity.

The most important takeaway from any good blockchain course isn’t the language(s) you’ll learn. It’s your ability to learn new ones as a project demands it. So we have not reviewed technical courses for how well they will teach you specific languages, but rather how well they will help you to think like a programmer.

These courses will teach you what you need to understand without pigeonholing you into a niche language you might never need again.

NameDescriptionCourse CaliberLanguages TaughtDepthInteractivitySophisticationScore
Udemy Ethereum Blockchain DeveloperDeveloper Focused - This online lecture series is run through the website Udemy and teaches you how to develop only for Ethereum. It is best for skilled developers interested in Ethereum.231232.15
IBM Blockchain Foundation for DevelopersDeveloper Focused - This developer-oriented course teaches the basics of how a blockchain functions and how to build one. However, although geared towards coder, it spends almost half of its five-week syllabus on business concepts.423523.4
Edureka Blockchain TrainingDeveloper Focused - This beginners-oriented program promises to have you coding your own blockchain by the end of the course.343543.6
CryptozombiesDeveloper Focused - This game-based app teaches you the basics of coding in Ethereum's proprietary Solidity scripting language. It is a good place to start for beginners.343543.6
Linux Foundation Blockchain For BusinessDeveloper Focused - This course offers a little bit of both. Students learn use cases and blockchain applications as well as how to perform basic installs and build lightweight dapps.533534.1
Udemy Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer's GuideDeveloper Focused - This is a programming-oriented course that promises to teach students how to code with blockchains with training based on the Ethereum platform. However, Udemy has some reputational concerns.244242.9
Udemy Build a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency From ScratchDeveloper Focused - This is our final Udemy entry on this list (although their site has many, many more options). This course is a top-to-bottom review of how to build a blockchain. Coding is done in JavaScript. While thorough, and potentially quite useful for a sophisticated audience, readers should treat it as an entry point rather than a complete survey.254343.15
Blockchain Certification Training CourseDeveloper Focused - This is a survey course that teaches the "core structure and technical mechanisms" of cryptocurrencies and blockchain platforms. Built for developers, it is a good introduction to developing in this field.355544

Business Focused

These courses will teach you how blockchain works from a blockchain architecture, development, and business standpoint. They will teach you about the back-end infrastructure that tokens rely on, how to actually use the public ledger once it’s working, and how to build upon other people’s work. All of this is called “architecture” in development-speak.

It’s basically what you do with that fancy coding language once you understand it.

NameDescriptionCourse CaliberLanguages TaughtDepthInteractivitySophisticationScore
Oxford Said Blockchain Strategy ProgrammeBusiness Focused - This is a business-oriented program run by Oxford University's Said School of Business. While an outstanding investor-oriented program, it does not teach many technical skills and will not prepare you to be a developer. 514544.25
Princeton University Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency TechnologiesBusiness Focused - This program focuses on theoretical architecture and system design in Bitcoin and blockchain. While outstanding for understanding the nature of this technology, it does not teach you to actually program a blockchain.513253.85
Certified Bitcoin ProfessionalBusiness Focused - This program focuses almost exclusively on use cases for cryptocurrency. It is less of a training course than a pure credential, but is administered by an organization with growing credibility.414133.05
Berkeley Blockchain FundamentalsBusiness Focused - This survey course taught by computer science professors from Berkeley covers blockchain theory, use cases, and anticipated future development. Despite its pedigree, readers can likely do better.513323.4

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