Top Bitcoin and Crypto Meetups for Austin, Rated and Reviewed

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The most complete list of every blockchain and cryptocurrency meetup in Austin, with ratings! Our custom Bitcoin Market Journal Score is calculated by the number of members, user rating, and activity level. Use it as a guide for which meetups to attend.

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Meetup Group Name Number of Members User Rating Activity Level Overall BMJ Score
Ethereum Austin 3,703 5 5 5
Austin Bitcoin Meetup 2,753 4 5 4.5
Cardano Blockchain Austin TX 2,235 4 3 3.5
Austin Bitcoin Developers 2,182 1 5 3
TF Labs Austin | Blockchain, Crypto, NFTs & Web3 1,099 3 4 3
Hyperledger Austin 920 2 5 3
Austin Blockchain Technology 2,446 1 3 2.5
Austin Technology, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Community 1,849 3 2 2.5

ethereum austin meetupEthereum Austin

Members: 3,703

Activity Level: Very High

This group is aimed at individuals who are interested in blockchains and decentralized applications. Whether you’re currently building on top of Ethereum or are interested in discussing what a crypto-economy would look like, you should consider joining.

austin bitcoin meetupAustin Bitcoin Meetup

Members: 2,753
Activity Level: Very High

This group welcomes a diverse range of people who are interested in not only bitcoin but also related technologies. This group is dedicated conceptually to a blockchain and also public ledgers. They recognize bitcoin’s prominence but also acknowledge complementary and competing projects. They welcome everyone including non-technical folks and skeptics.

cardano blockchain austin meetupCardano Blockchain Austin TX

Members: 2,235
Activity Level: Average

This group is focused on Cardano, and their discussion focuses on four areas: utility, governance, impact, and adoption. They welcome Cardano enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

austin bitcoin developersAustin Bitcoin Developers

Members: 2,182
Activity Level: Very High

This group covers technical topics such as how bitcoin works, how Lightning network and other second-layer systems work, how to run a full node, and how to build on top of bitcoin. This group does not cover altcoins, ICOs, or how to invest in bitcoin.

tf labs austinTF Labs Austin | Blockchain, Crypto, NFTs & Web3

Members: 1,099
Activity Level: High

The TF Blockchain Austin chapter is for individuals interested in learning about blockchain. The group hosts monthly events in both panel and fireside chat formats where they discuss advanced-level topics with a special emphasis on facilitated networking. This group is one of many chapters across North America of the TF Blockchain community.

hyperledger austinHyperledger Austin

Members: 920
Activity Level: Very High

Hyperledger Austin is one of numerous Hyperledger meetup groups. This group is open to just about everyone, whether you’re an employee of a Hyperledger member company, a Hyperledger developer, or someone who is passionate about blockchain technology. This meetup group makes up a key part of the Hyperledger ecosystem and has an informal relationship with Hyperledger.

austin blockchain technologyAustin Blockchain Technology

Members: 2,446
Activity Level: Average

Members of this group will learn about blockchain technology. They’ll learn the requisite skills needed to design and develop blockchains whether that’s for personal, business, or societal benefit. The group runs hands-on, tutorial-based meetups on a weekly basis. The group is open to developers and technical entrepreneurs as well as interested in mastering blockchain technology.

austin technology cryptocurrency and blockchain communityAustin Technology, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Community

Members: 1,849
Activity Level: Low

This group consists of coders, designers, technology gurus, hackers, blockchain enthusiasts, and investors who collaborate.


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