An Open Letter to Rep. Patrick McHenry

rep mchenry

Dear Rep. McHenry:

On behalf of the crypto investing community, we would love to see you installed as permanent Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

It’s worrying to see the infighting happening within the Republican Party, between moderates who just want to get the work of government done, and extremists who just want to get their way.

In these turbulent times, it is not hard to see the similarities between extremists around the world, and those within our own government.

Amid the chaos, you have emerged as a voice of reason. You did not side with those who joined the Trump campaign’s attempt to overthrow the results of the 2020 Presidential election. That shows strength of character, courage, and conviction.

You have also emerged as a voice of hope – especially to those of us in the crypto investing community. Your work on the House Financial Services Committee has been helpful in moving the crypto conversation forward. You’re smart and well-informed.

In short, you’re the strongest ally that we’ve got. That’s why we want you installed as the new permanent Speaker of the House. We want you in.

house of representatives
The House without a Head.

The Night We Met

You and I met once before, though you may not remember it. (Or maybe you linger on the memory each night as you fall asleep.)

I approached you after your terrific panel at Consensus 2022, soon after Senators Lummis and Gillibrand had unveiled their Responsible Financial Innovation Act. “What’s the most effective way to get Senators to support this new crypto bill?” I asked.

Write letters,” you responded immediately.

You explained that when you include your address – so that Senators know you are a voter in their state – they will listen.

You had one additional piece of advice. “What doesn’t work is tweeting insults at them.”

Since then, I’ve followed your advice (and shared it with the thousands of crypto investors who read our newsletter). In fact, I’m following it now: no angry tweets at the House, just a heartfelt letter to you.

Letters work.

To that end, I’m also asking the U.S. subscribers of our newsletter to send a similar letter to their state representatives (note to readers: click here to find your state rep), by copying and pasting the following template:

— copy, paste, and email —

Dear Representative [NAME]:

I would like to cast my vote for Rep. Patrick McHenry to be permanently installed as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. The work of government needs to get done, and Rep. McHenry has proven himself to be a man of conscience, and of action.

The infighting within the Republican Party needs to stop, and the work of government needs to get done. This is why you turned to Rep. McHenry to serve as interim House Speaker, and why he is the right person to be awarded the permanent role.

I ask you to do everything in your power to pull together a powerful bipartisan coalition of representatives who can restore unity, sanity, and democracy back to our government, with Rep. McHenry serving as permanent Speaker of the House.



— copy, paste, and email —

Yes, Rep. McHenry, it’s a letter within a letter. Very meta. Now if someone passes this entire web page to a friend, then it’s a letter within a letter within a letter. Three levels deep: that’s full-on Inception. We’ll have to spin the top to see if we’re dreaming.

obey my authority meme

Rep. McHenry, once you get the Speaker position, I don’t expect all our crypto regulatory problems to be solved overnight. But I do expect that you’ll be able to make meaningful progress. And progress is definitely what we need.

I won’t say you’re our industry’s only hope. But you are our best hope, and we’ll do what we can to help you succeed.

Speak it,
John Hargrave


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