Would You Wear this Crypto Swag?

Man wearing a white t-shirt

We’ve got a big project in the works.

A few weeks ago, we ran a survey asking, “Would you wear this crypto T-shirt?” Your responses were so funny and creative, we built out even more swag using your suggested ideas.

So, we’re coming back for Round Two (it’ll be worth it, we promise).

We would be grateful if you’d review the items we’ve developed below and then take a quick survey. As before, we’ll choose one respondent to win any of the swag pictured here (your choice; see exceptions on the survey page).

Take the two-minute survey: Would you wear this crypto swag?

mockup-holdin-hoodie (1)

Hodlin’ Hoodie

By popular demand, a classic unisex hoodie proclaiming your intention to Keep On Hodlin’. Inspired by vintage videogames, this is an original graphic developed by our BMJ designers that will not be available anywhere else. With a front pouch pocket, matching flat drawstrings, and a soft, cozy 100% cotton exterior, the Hodlin’ Hoodie is an olden-style goodie.


The Tee of Saint V

Inspired by Aaron Aalto’s Saint Vitalik NFT, this T-shirt celebrates one of the great icons of our time. This shirt requires neither confession nor absolution, but does require sincere faith in his creation. Each time you wear it, you may wish to recite, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on chain as it is in Heaven.”(Note: The Tee of St. V comes with the St. V NFT, if we can negotiate the rights.)


Ethereum is Magic T-Shirt

Cats! Rainbows! Unicorns! It’s three Ethereum memes in one, with the unofficial mascot of ETH — the Catbowcorn — drawn pixel-perfect in dazzling 8-bit glory. This glorious lilac T-shirt is made of 100% ring-spun cotton: soft and comfortable, with just the right amount of stretch. Every time you put it on, you’ll feel the magic. (Note: final colors will match.)

mockup-bitcoin-socks-front (1)

bitcoin socksSatoshi Socks

Kick off your shoes and slap on some sats! Spice up your wardrobe with these cozy, comfortable crew socks, proudly emblazoned with the bitcoin logo. Dress them up with jeans and a blazer, or wear them out to parties: these socks are a fashion statement and financial statement all in one. The new consensus algorithm is Proof of Socks!



Shadowy Super-Coder Cloaked Hoodie

Inspired by Senator Elizabeth Warren’s warning of the Shadowy Super-Coders running crypto, this hoodie brings your super-coder status out of the shadows. When you emerge from your underground lair sporting this cotton/poly blend, you can still keep your identity concealed, with the comfortable drawstring hood drawn tight around your laser eyes. Perfect for all-night hacking sessions, building the financial superstructure to topple world governments.


Carbonated Cardano T-Shirt

Inspired by the beverage that dozens of Cardano developers drink non-stop, this soft, colorful T-shirt proclaims your love for the Layer-1 blockchain and its ADA token. Comfortable enough to wear to a party OR to bed, this highly-carbonated shirt will last you until the Basho phase. (With proper care, even to Voltaire.)


Billion-Dollar Bitcoin Book

Finally, a place to write down all those big ideas for building into billion-dollar businesses. This notebook contains 140 big, beautiful, blank pages for your best ideas and biggest dreams. Dotted lines on each page are perfect for to-do lists, webinar notes, and meeting minutes. The front cover is stylishly emblazoned with a retro bitcoin logo, ready to be customized with your drawings and doodles. This could be the most valuable notebook you’ve ever owned.


NFT-Shirt #00001

As every NFT collector knows, the very first item in a series is generally the most valuable. This handsome, two-color jersey is embroidered with your proof of ownership: this is the first NFT-Shirt ever. This piece is literally one-of-a-kind: we will only make one of them. Comes with companion NFT, recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. To wear it, or keep it as an investment? It’s up to you!


Crypto Will Win T-Shirt

The shirt that will silence the skeptics! With a two-color logo of the Crypto Fist, it shows your solidarity with every other blockchain believer. Both a political statement and a fashion statement, this unisex tri-blend T-shirt is so soft and comfortable it will quickly become one of your favorites. Every time you wear it, you’ll be winning.


Unisocks v2

Not to be confused with the original Unisocks, which now sell for $20,000, this is a new edition — Unisocks 2.0 — featuring a sassy 8-bit unicorn, and the Uniswap logo (not pictured here). From casual to classy, these socks add sparkle to any outfit; they’re sublimation-printed, which gives them crisp rainbow colors that won’t fade. Destined to become a collector’s item you’ll never want to “exchange”!


Crypto is the Future T-Shirt

From designer BonkiStudio comes this eye-popping piece of street fashion. This isn’t your tired, all-black crypto T-shirt: A smiling sun shines down on two happy mountains, with a glorious rainbow arcing over the clouds. Your new favorite tee is made from a super smooth and comfortable cotton touch polyester jersey that won’t fade after washing. (Note: The sun on the back is a bitcoin logo.)

We’d love your feedback on the styles above. And as always, if you can think of ways to improve them, there’s a place to give us feedback on that, too.

Click here to take the survey, and thanks for helping us build the future of our investing community.

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