How to Mine Bitcoin Gold, Step by Step (with Photos)

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Cryptocurrency mining was once considered the purview of techies only. However, thanks to GPU mining, cryptocurrencies are now easily mined. This is perhaps one of the reasons that bitcoin’s hard fork, Bitcoin Gold (BTG) made and still is making waves today.

Designed to bring more independence to the crypto world, Bitcoin Gold extends unrestricted access to would-be miners. As a result, you can easily get more coins in your wallet with just a little effort. This guide provides a step-by-step method of mining Bitcoin Gold without expending a lot of effort.

What You Need to Start

You do not need super-powered computers to mine Bitcoin Gold. With your regular PC and a few essentials, you are good to go. To mine BTG, you’ll need:

  • A wallet and its address or any other valuable information
  • A PC running on 64-bit OS Windows
  • GPU Mining Software (either AMD- or Nvidia-based)
  • A mining pool (or you could go solo, if you’d like)

Mining hardware.

How to Mine BTG with an AMD-Based Miner

In this guide, we will be using a 64-bit OS Windows and Claymore’s miner (an AMD-based miner).

  • Download a wallet and extract its address.
  • Download the miner and extract it to a new folder on your computer; then start the configuration process.
  • Choose the pool that suits you and note the address.
  • Then, edit the configurations by starting with the start.bat file using notepad or any other text editor. You should add this:


  • Be sure to save that once it is done. Then, open the config.txt file and paste:

It is important to note that the first address should be your pool address with its port number.

  • To the next line, your wallet address should be added in front of the “-zwal” and you could add a worker if necessary by placing .worker-address to your wallet address.
  • Once done and saved, ensure that the correct virtual memory on your system is enabled. To do this, go to the start menu and search for system. Once opened, click “Advanced Settings”. Head for performance settings in the advanced tab you see and click “Advanced.”
  • Click on “Change” in the virtual memory option available and uncheck the option with “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives”. After this, type in “16384” or whatever the maximum allowable size is in the fields available for both Initial and Maximum size.
  • Then, you are ready to mine. Go to the “Start.bat” file and click on it. To check on your mining statistics or any progress made, go to the mining pool’s webpage, type in your public address, and you’ll be all set to start ming Bitcoin Gold.

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