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The SPECTRE team emphasizes that some traditional brokers engage in various inappropriate activities, delaying withdrawals, manipulating entries and trading on the behalf of their investors. Sometimes, these financial institutions may seek to profit at the expense of their own customers. Read our full analysis of Spectre ICO here

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Team Members

Karan Khemani (LinkedIn)
Zisis Skouloudis (LinkedIn)
Elena Drakos (LinkedIn)
Jai Sankar (LinkedIn)
Nikitas Goumatianos (LinkedIn)
Oto-Rem Süvari (LinkedIn)
Adam Dossa (LinkedIn)
Parthasarathy Ramanujam (LinkedIn)
Zen Zijlstra (LinkedIn)
Cheryl Buckingham (LinkedIn)
Menelaos Scouloudis (LinkedIn)
Sascha Berresch (LinkedIn)
Scott Driscoll (LinkedIn)

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