Top Bitcoin and Crypto Meetups for Silicon Valley, Rated and Reviewed

Top Bitcoin and Crypto Meetups for Silicon Valley

The most complete list of every blockchain and cryptocurrency meetup in Silicon Valley, with ratings! Our custom Bitcoin Market Journal Score is calculated by the number of members, user rating, and activity level. Use it as a guide for which meetups to attend in 2023.

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City Meetup Group Name Number of Members User Rating Activity Level Overall BMJ Score
San Francisco Hyperledger San Francisco 2,369 5 5 4.5
San Francisco SF Bitcoin and Blockchain Social 8,303 3 5 4
San Francisco Decentralized SF (DCSF) Blockchain Developer Group 6,150 4 2 3.5
San Francisco Starfish San Francisco – Emerging Tech Events 3,455 1 5 3.5
Berkeley Berkeley Bitcoin Meetup 2,769 3 2 3.5
San Francisco SF Bitcoin Devs 2,737 1 5 3.5
San Francisco Crypto Mondays San Francisco 1,647 3 4 3.5
San Francisco Chainlink San Francisco: Connected Smart Contracts 1,335 3 5 3.5
San Francisco SF Ethereum 2,673 1 4 3
San Francisco Web3 Bay Area 1,223 3 4 3
San Francisco San Francisco Blockchain Collective 2,700 2 2 2.5
San Francisco Blockchain & Crypto Events 1,866 2 2 2.5
San Francisco Dystopia Labs SF | Blockchain Workshops 1,558 1 4 2.5
San Francisco Blockchain Startups Club 1,110 1 4 2
San Francisco Crypto Underground 1,062 1 4 2
San Francisco SF Crypto currency Devs 1,210 1 2 1.5
San Francisco ConsenSys Ethereum Meetup San Francisco 1,090 2 2 1.5
San Francisco San Francisco Blockchain Meetup 896 2 1 1.5

hyperledger meetup san franciscoHyperledger San Francisco

Members: 2,369
Activity Level: Very High

As a Hyperledger meetup group, this group has an informal relationship with Hyperledger and also makes up a key part of their ecosystem. Anyone can participate including employees of a Hyperledger member company, Hyperledger developers, or members of the public interested in blockchain technology.

SF Bitcoin and blockchain socialSF Bitcoin and Blockchain Social

Members: 8,303
Activity Level: Very High

This meetup was founded in 2011 and focuses on bitcoin and blockchain with an emphasis on education.

decentralized sfDecentralized SF (DCSF) Blockchain Developer Group

Members: 6,150
Activity Level: Low

This technical meetup is platform agnostic. They explore blockchain and other decentralized technologies. They also feature guest speakers. Join them if you want to learn about blockchains and how to build applications on top of them.

Starfish SFStarfish San Francisco – Emerging Tech Events

Members: 3,455
Activity Level: Average

This meetup is a community for both founders and builders who are concerned about planetary issues and work with new technologies. They offer workshops and hackathons.

berkeley bitcoin meetupBerkeley Bitcoin Meetup

Members: 2,769
Activity Level: Low

This group is organized by Blockchain at Berkeley Research and Development. They host speakers and discuss topics related to blockchain and decentralized technologies including recent industry news and academic research.

bitcoin meetupSF Bitcoin Devs

Members: 2,737
Activity Level: Very High

This meetup is focused on bitcoin and offers technical discussion on it. They also host a monthly seminar to discuss bitcoin-related software development, cryptography, and privacy.

crypto mondaysCryptoMondays San Francisco

Members: 1,647
Activity Level: High

This group is passionate about the potential for blockchain technology to change the world. This meetup is one of 70 global CryptoMonday chapters.

chainlink san franciscoChainlink San Francisco: Connected Smart Contracts

Members: 1,335
Activity Level: Very High

This meetup is a group of blockchain developers and enthusiasts interested in Web3. These meetups offer industry insights.

sf ethereum meetupSF Ethereum

Members: 2,673
Activity Level: High

This group is for you if you’re interested in learning more about Ethereum or decentralized business models. The technical depth of speakers will vary, so even advanced participants will increase their understanding.

web3 bay area meetupWeb3 Bay Area

Members: 1,223
Activity Level: High

This is a networking community that hosts in-person events in the San Francisco Bay area for creators, investors, developers, and others interested in blockchain and Web3.

san francisco blockchain collectiveSan Francisco Blockchain Collective

Members: 2,700
Activity Level: Low

This group believes that the blockchain revolution will change the world. As a result, they are committed to helping people understand the technology, and they aim to remove barriers to adoption.

blockchain and crypo meetup sfBlockchain & Crypto Events

Members: 1,866
Activity Level: Low

This group offers both virtual and free events. They focus on education in blockchain, investing, fintech, and beyond.

dystopia labs sfDystopia Labs SF | Blockchain Workshops

Members: 1,558
Activity Level: High

This group welcomes individuals with all levels of experience who are interested in blockchain technology. No promotion is allowed.

blockchain startups club sfBlockchain Startups Club

Members: 1,110
Activity Level: High

This meetup includes early-stage startups and crypto enthusiasts. . They explore blockchain, dApps, smart contracts, and DAOs. This group can help you learn how to build dApps, develop smart contracts, how to promote your ICO, and discuss cross-industry use cases.

crypto underground sfCrypto Underground

Members: 1,062
Activity Level: High

This meetup is a curated group for traders and also creators interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

sf crypto devsSF Cryptocurrency Devs

Members: 1,210
Activity Level: Low

This group hosts regular developer and engineer presentations on their projects. They also have a Youtube channel.

buidl network sfConsenSys Ethereum Meetup San Francisco

Members: 1,090
Activity Level: Low

This meetup might be for you if you’re interested in blockchain, cryptocurrency, Ethereum, or the latest trends in technology. The members of this community have access to innovators and business thought leaders.

sf blockchain meetupSan Francisco Blockchain Meetup

Members: 896
Activity Level: Very Low

This group bills themselves as a meetup for tech guys who are interested in startups, decentralization, and blockchain.


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