Top Bitcoin and Crypto Meetups for Paris, Rated and Reviewed

Top Bitcoin and Crypto Meetups for Paris

The most complete list of every blockchain and cryptocurrency meetup in Paris, with ratings! Our custom Bitcoin Market Journal Score is calculated by the number of members, user rating, and activity level. Use it as a guide for which meetups to attend in 2023.

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Meetup Group Number of Members User Rating Activity Level Overall BMJ Score
IBM Cloud Paris 6,479 1 5 3.5
DeFi France 1994 1 5 3.0
Hyperledger Paris 1,753 1 5 3.0
Crypto Network Paris 1,602 3 4 3.0
Coinhouse Store Events 6,442 1 2 2.5
Open Innovation Paris 5,277 1 2 2.5
Meetups Crypto-monnaies & blockchain(s) 2,504 2 2 2.5
The Blockchain Paris Meetup 2,223 1 2 2.0
Blockchain Innovation by StartupToken – Paris 1,533 1 2 1.5
Paris Startup 1,459 1 2 1.5
Meetup Blockchain Paris 1226 1 2 1.5
Bitcoin & Blockchain 1215 1 2 1.5

ibm cloud paris meetupIBM Cloud Paris

Members: 6,479
Activity Level: Very High

This group’s meetups focus on a common topic, the IBM Cloud platform. This meetup is for anyone interested in cloud, application development, APIs, or artificial intelligence whether you’re an entrepreneur, student, IT professional, or just someone who is curious. Their meetup format changes and could be a conference, roundtable, or practice session.

datachain foundation meetup imageDATACHAIN FOUNDATION

Members: 3,255
Activity Level: High

This group began in 2017. They explore new data management paradigms inspired by Paul Baran’s work. They also have clients in both Europe and in the UAE who have expressed a need for decentralized data management infrastructure. Join them if you’re interested in discussing topics such as decentralization, blockchain, event-driven programming, and self-sovereignty, among others.

defi france meetup imageDeFi France

Members: 1,994
Activity Level: Very High

This meetup began in 2019 and is the largest community of DeFi enthusiasts in France. They have since been able to successfully decentralize and are a fully functioning DAO. One of their founding members created Paraswap and another founding member contributes to the Monolith project.

hyperledger paris meetup groupHyperledger Paris

Members: 1,753
Activity Level: Very High

This meetup has an informal relationship with Hyperledger, an open community that focuses on developing tools for business-oriented blockchains. Hyperledger meetup groups are truly open to everyone whether you’re an employee of a Hyperledger member company, a Hyperledger developer or contributor, or just someone who is very eager to learn about blockchain technology.

coinhouse store events meetup groupCoinhouse Store Events

Members: 6,442
Activity Level: Low

This group hosts Coinhouse Talks that feature crypto and blockchain experts. At their Coinhouse Chainlunch event, the team shares their latest work. They also host panels, conferences, and parties in both English and French.

Crypto network paris meetup groupCrypto Network Paris

Members: 1,602
Activity Level: High

This group is for crypto enthusiasts who are interested in smarter, profitable investing. You could learn ways to grow your wallet.

Open innovation paris meetup groupOpen Innovation Paris

Members: 5,277
Activity Level: Low

This group is for anyone who is interested in innovation. Whether you’re part of a start-up or large company, or a subject matter expert or talented innovator, this group welcomes your experience and ideas. They meet once or twice a month early in the evening at the headquarters of Onepoint, 29 Rue Des Sablons, Paris 75016.

Meetups Crypto-monnaies & blockchain(s) meetup groupMeetups Crypto-monnaies & blockchain(s)

Members: 2,504
Activity Level: Low

This meetup has discussions centered around cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Some meetups are less formal including meeting over drinks and other meetups include presentations or more programming-oriented events.

the blockchain paris meetup groupThe Blockchain Paris Meetup

Members: 2,223
Activity Level: Low

These meetups are run by StartupToken, a consulting and investment company. They cover topics such as decentralization, disruption, and innovation. They also cover education on distributed technologies. They hold events in multiple cities across the globe including Paris, New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Tokyo.

Blockchain Innovation by StartupToken - ParisBlockchain Innovation by StartupToken – Paris

Members: 1,533
Activity Level: Low

This group’s meetups cover topics such as decentralization, disruption, and innovation. Their events allow you the opportunity to learn from experts in the space including VC investors, developers, project founders, and protocol builders.

paris startup meetup groupParis Startup

Members: 1,459
Activity Level: Low

This community could be right for you if you like fintech, technology, startups and want to learn more about them.

meetup group blockchain parisMeetup Blockchain Paris

Members: 1,226
Activity Level: Low

This meetup covers the prospects of blockchain technology, its business applications, and the evolution of the legal and regulatory environment.

bitcoin and blockchain meetup groupBitcoin & Blockchain

Members: 1,215
Activity Level: Low

Coinplus runs this meetup. Coinplus invented the world’s 1st multi-device physical safe.


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