Top Bitcoin and Crypto Meetups for New York City, Rated and Reviewed

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New York City is considered as a leader in the blockchain space. It’s not too surprising either, given its status as a global center for banking and finance. There are several opportunities for those with shared interests in blockchain technology, digital assets, and fintech to network through Meetup groups in the Big Apple and surrounding areas.

Here is a look at the top meetup groups in New York City, measured by metrics such as number of members, user rating and activity level.

City Meetup Group Name Number of Members User Rating Activity Level Overall BMJ Score
New York Blockchain NYC 11,101 5 5 5.5
New York Crypto Mondays NYC 10,206 5 5 5.5
New York EthBuilders. NYC 2,775 3.5 5 4.0
New York Blockchain NYC – Latest Tech Trends 6,437 4 4 4.0
New York Hyperledger NYC 5,450 3.5 4.5 4.0
New York Women in Blockchain 3,849 5 3.5 3.5
New York Byte Academy 6,730 3 4 3.0
New York Blockchain for Social Impact 4,532 3 4 2.5
New York IOTEX NYC Meetup: Beyond Blockchain 1,796 3 2 1.5
Newark, NJ NJ Blockchain 1,188 3 3 1.5
New York Blockchain Founders /Startups – Rebel One 1,373 2 1 1.0
New York NY Blockchain Meetup 1,216 3 1 1.0

blockchain nycBlockchain NYC

Number of Members: 11,101
Activity Level: Very High

Blockchain NYC is focused on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, digital exchanges and the underlying technologies that are expected to enable the next massive Internet disruption. (BMJ Score: 5)

crypto mondaysCrypto Mondays NYC

Number of Members: 10,206
Activity Level: Very High

Crypto Mondays is one of the biggest and most active crypto Meetups in NYC. It was created in 2018 to bring together like-minded individuals with a shared passion for crypto. The Meetup group is great for anyone looking for somewhere to talk and learn about crypto. They invite authority figures in the industry to their meetups, so it’s a great place to get insights from people already making an impact in the industry. The meetup organizes weekly events and has been steadily opening up other CryptoMondays branches in other cities around the world. (BMJ Score: 5)

blockchain nyc.orgBlockchain

Number of Members: 6,437
Activity Level: High

Monthly Meetup group focused on leveraging blockchain technology, bringing news and tech. The aim is to bring together interested parties, developers and thought leaders to discuss potential applications of blockchain technology, and potentially move forward on creating humanitarian solutions.

Participants will range from people directly involved in the blockchain space and people interested in emerging technologies, potential humanitarian/political ventures and socially conscious citizens of the world, including developers, tech entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists and impact investors.

Each event will include multiple speakers from various backgrounds. Speakers may be developers creating FinTech spaces, blockchain dApps or solutions, consultants, institutions, charities using blockchain solutions, humanitarian workers interested in exploring blockchain tech and thought leaders in both spaces. Topics include bitcoin, Ethereum and other blockchain applications. (BMJ Score: 4)

hyperledger nycHyperledger NYC

Number of Members: 5450
Activity Level: Very High

Hyperledger NYC is one of the over 100 Hyperledger Meetup groups around the world. Hyperledger is an open-source project created by the Linux foundation in 2016 to support the development of blockchain-based technologies. The Meetup group may therefore be a great fit for Hyperledger contributors and developers or anyone passionate about blockchain technology. They organize events regularly and have access to industry experts. (BMJ Score: 4)


Number of Members: 2,775
Activity Level: Very High

The purpose of the NYC EthBuilders Meetup group is to develop the skills necessary to become a blockchain and decentralized app (dapp) developer. The end goal will be to develop the ability to create new forms of dapps, services and protocols that will improve our lives. A side effect of this journey will be learning new ideas. (BMJ Score: 3.5)

women in blockchainWomen in Blockchain

Number of Members: 3,849
Activity Level: High

Learn and share about blockchain to shape the direction of this emerging technology.

By connecting across interests and backgrounds with a focus on females otherwise underrepresented in the blockchain world, Women in Blockchain is working toward equality needed to build products, communities and economies that work for all. Everyone is invited to these Meetups. (BMJ Score: 3.5)

new york cityByte Academy

Number of Members: 6,730
Activity Level: High

Byte Academy offers industry-oriented technology education with full- and part-time programs in Full Stack Python development, FinTech (financial technology), Data Sciences and MedTech (medical technology). Byte Academy’s original full-time bootcamp was the first to teach Python programming in New York City. Their Meetup group is for Byte Academy students, alumni and community members interested in education, networking, startups, programming, FinTech, MedTech, Data Science, women in tech, blockchain and more. (BMJ Score: 3)

blockchain for social impactBlockchain for Social Impact

Number of Members: 4,532

Activity Level: High

Join the Ethereum community dedicating their talent and work to transforming our world. By properly leveraging blockchain technology we can solve the world’s most pressing problems. The blockchain’s ability to leapfrog or change corrupt and inefficient power structures can revolutionize the way we approach issues ranging from the supply chain, financial inclusion, human rights abuses and modern slavery to environmental, energy and workforce problems. One source of shared truth and trusted infrastructure can help NGOs, charities, social entrepreneurs, civil societies and companies achieve their mission.

Come and discover the innovators, leaders and philosophers in the space showcasing their solutions and meet the technologists who can support your needs.

Participants will range from people directly involved in the blockchain and humanitarian spaces to people interested in emerging technologies, potential humanitarian/political ventures and socially conscious citizens of the world.

Each event will include multiple speakers from various backgrounds. Speakers may be developers creating blockchain dApps, or solutions, consultants, NGOs, institutions, charities using blockchain solutions, humanitarian workers interested in exploring blockchain tech and thought leaders in both spaces. Of note the Meetup will focus exclusively on Ethereum based solutions. (BMJ Score: 2.5)

garden state cryptoNJ Blockchain

Number of Members: 1,188
Activity Level: Average

The all things blockchain group. From the blockchain ecosystem, to theory, to coding — they cover it all. If you are looking to expand your knowledge in this ever growing and important technology, then this is your group. They organize regular events in central and northern New Jersey; however, there are plans to host events all over the state. Each Meetup will have a specific topic or guest speaker(s) from which you can learn something new. From newbie to seasoned blockchain champions, you’ll have a good time. (BMJ Score:1.5)

iotexIOTEX NYC Meetup: Beyond Blockchain

Number of Members: 1,796
Activity Level: Low

A Meetup group to discuss IOTA and its possibilities as enthusiasts, developers, designers, investors, partners, consumers and anyone else interested in learning more about what IOTA means for the future of digital transactions and the new machine-to-machine economy (M2M). Attempting to answer the fundamental question: How can we use IOTA in a global society? (BMJ Score: 1.5)

rebel methodBlockchain Founders/Startups – Rebel One

Number of Members: 1,373
Activity Level: Very Low

This group is for blockchain, cryptocurrency and hyperledger founders (or aspiring founders) to get together, discuss the technology and support the advancement of this emerging technology and its application in the field.

The group is for those that are curious about the field, are interested in understanding the capabilities of the technology, have a startup they are working on and are looking for potential teammates, among other reasons. (BMJ Score:1)

ny blockchain meetupNY Blockchain Meetup

Number of Members: 1,216
Activity Level: Very Low

This Meetup group is for anyone who is interested in fintech and the evolution of blockchain technology. Discussions include new technology developments and businesses around blockchain, as well as blockchain technology adoption across different sectors. Ideal members include providers and users of transaction process technology, as well as leaders and entrepreneurs in the fintech and blockchain technology space. You should join if you are interested in fintech, payment processing and blockchain developments and want to hear from leaders in the space and/or wish to contribute to discussions. (BMJ Score:1)

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