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Zangll is the first decentralized P2P-platform in the market of short-term vacation rentals that will only charge the transaction fee of 0,45%. No other extra costs are implemented. In addition, Zangll will also offer a variety of other benefits: instant payments all over the world, use of smartcontracts, free property listing, honest ratings (inability to change or fabricate ratings), transparent system and the possibility of E-locks. All this will make Zangll the future No. 1 brand in the short-term rentals market.

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Team Members

Maksim Mishchenko (LinkedIn)
Bart Johan Slagt (LinkedIn)
Andrey Andreev (LinkedIn)
Jean Serge Sagbo (LinkedIn)
Kristiine Urb (LinkedIn)
Andrew Gilliland (LinkedIn)
Margus Napp (LinkedIn)
Elena Levova (LinkedIn)
T├Ánis Veltmann (LinkedIn)
Elina Kreipane (LinkedIn)
Fabrice Croiseaux (LinkedIn)
Gopal Bharvad (LinkedIn)
Olga Tarkhanovskaya (LinkedIn)
Ko Sugimori (LinkedIn)

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