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Quick Summary

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Unboxed is a blockchain-based system that allows businesses to pay you directly for using your influence. Unboxed offers the perfect cure for companies sick of wasting time and money on influencer marketing companies that rely on labor-intensive processes for finding the right influencers, negotiating deals, and managing relationships.


  • Unboxed has a “freemium” business model that allows users to leverage the network free of charge and only pay for results. This will likely incentivize businesses to try Unboxed’s platform.
  • Unboxed’s platform is easy to use and businesses can launch campaigns in a matter of minutes.
  • The project already has 100+ clients using their service.

  • Cons

  • Although the platform can allow users to be compensated for advertising products and for engagement, the general idea of an increase in advertising on social media may turn people away from the project.
  • Social media platforms are attempting to reduce the amount of branded content. Although Unboxed is attempting to promote users to organically promote products, if the project grows and is adopted by many businesses, social media platforms may try to reduce their presence.

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    Investment Information:

    • How to invest: To participate in the Unboxed token sale visit their token website.
    • Eligibility: US, China, and North Korea are restricted.
    • Soft Cap: $1.5M USD; Hard Cap: $15M USD

    Market: 4.5

    • Social media spending is estimated to be around $36 billion. With 93 percent of marketers using social media for business, social media advertising expenditure is predicted to skyrocket even further.
    • Because of Unboxed’s business model, it will be able to target big and small businesses.
    • 45.3 percent of agencies and brands have stated that paid advertising has significant importance to their overall social strategy.
    • In the beginning of 2017, social media giants Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Pinterest saw a 61.5 percent increase in their paid media spend.
    • Influencer marketing spend is estimated to be worth around $2 billion.
    • Total global revenue generated through social media in 2019 is predicted to be around $48 billion.

    Competitive Advantage: 4.5

    • Unboxed replaces campaign managers with AI and an independent network of Blockchain Oracles who can manage thousands of campaigns in a decentralized manner. Each oracle provides a bulletproof connection between smart contracts and real-world events.
    • With Unboxed’s platform, businesses can launch word-of-mouth campaigns in under 2 minutes. Unboxed is a fully functioning technology that is already utilized by over 100+ brands globally.
    • Brands sign up to the Unboxed platform, then choose interests, location, gender, age, and other characteristics. Unboxed will take it from there and invite the best matching social media users to get engaged with the campaign.
    • Social media users can log in to the Unboxed platform to see campaign details and opt in. Unboxed automates the process of campaign management by using AI and a network of Blockchain Oracles.
    • Unboxed tracks each post published by social media users (engagement rate, likes, comments etc.) and generates a report for brands to see which users bring the highest ROI.

    Team: 4

    • The Unboxed team has great experience with multiple former CEOs of successful ventures on their team.
    • Team members have great LinkedIn profiles that give the project a sense of integrity.
    • Unboxed CEO Tadas Deksnys started an official career at 17 as a web developer and sold his first venture at 18. He then created a social network for pet owners and built a marketplace on top of it that went on to become a category leader. He sold the company in 2014.
    • With 8 years of experience with digital marketing, the project’s CMO Dovydas Reinikevičius is the founder of digital marketing agency BeeMarketing, which handles digital marketing campaigns for McDonald's, Frosch, Atea and others.
    • Team Members

    • Tadas Deksnys (LinkedIn)
    • Donatas Smailys (LinkedIn)
    • Augustinas Tarabilda (LinkedIn)
    • Dovydas Reinikevičius (LinkedIn)
    • Theodosis Mourouzis, PhD (LinkedIn)

    Token Mechanics: 4

    • This project has an MVP that can be seen at the following website.
    • NBOX tokens will give users access to the platform the Unboxed Network is building. This will enable users to reap the benefits of being a member. Users will gain exclusive offers from brands, be able to maximize their earning potential with the influencer tool-kit, be able to exchange tokens for branded goods and services, and more.
    • Tokens will give rewards for micro-actions, any engagements made by regular social media users.
    • Tokens guarantee immediate and cheap micro-transactions compared to conventional payment methods.
    • Token Supply: 750,000,000
    • 1 NBOX = $0.057 USD
    • 51% of the token supply will be available for purchase.

    User Adoption: 4

    • Whether you create, share, or engage with content, if you’re part of the Unboxed community, you can get paid in seconds for your contribution.
    • Unboxed has a decent social media following with 38,000 followers on Facebook, 29,000 followers on Instagram, and 35,000 followers on Twitter.
    • The Unboxed Network provides businesses with a solution that eliminates management, cuts out middlemen, reduces costs, and involves those whose opinions matter most.

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