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"Electricity generation without the consumption of any fuels whatsoever. This one technology will eliminate & dismantle the old world’s heavy industrial National gas & electricity Grids! Every household and SME can now generate their own electricity inhouse and be disconnected from the nation Grid not needing any supply of electricity or gas (nor oil, or anything, not even solar or wind). Devices that generate the world's lowest cost electricity, that retails at 8¢ per kilowatt/hour (""kWh"")5, branded as ""screems energy""®©™, consumed by Dwellings that are households, and Small & Medium Enterprises (""SME"")6, who in turn can go Off-Grid forever, that, at 8¢ per kWh retail price, is genuine (Passive8) Disruptive Innovation9; hereinafter, all of the above is known in its entirety as the “Screems Energy"

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