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Quick Summary

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Ravn & Korrax wants to create the first invisible and anonymous, fully encrypted messenger app. Their goal is to restore real privacy to the world of instant messaging.


  • Top notch executive team led by two studs in the CEO and Executive Advisor who both have proven entrepreneur success.
  • Huge market in the smartphone user base. Nearly half the world has a smartphone and that number will likely increase over time.

  • Cons

  • It’s unclear whether there’s a real need for an application like this. Yes, people are concerned about their privacy, but is it worth having yet ANOTHER messaging app.
  • The token has limited functionality as there’s not nothing you can purchase with it on the platform. It’s really just a reward token.

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    Raised Amount Unreported: contact us to update this information

    Investment Information:

    • How to invest: The token generation event will be denominated at .07 cents $USD. Stellar Lumens, Bitcoin and Ethereum will be accepted and converted at that time to reflect the pegged price. By Clicking the ENTER ICO button, this will take you to your login portal where you can participate in the sale.
    • Discount: +20% Sept 19-25 // +15% Sept 26-Oct 2 // +10% Oct 3-9 // +5% Oct 10-16
    • Token Price: .07 cents $USD
    • Token Supply: The total supply of KRX will be capped at 2,000,000,000
    • Soft Cap: No indication of soft cap
    • Hard Cap: 625 million KRX
    • Eligibility: U.S citizens are not allowed to participate.
    • Jurisdiction: Dominican Republic

    Market: 3.5

    • Businesses need to be confident all data their employees are transferring will be kept secure and hidden from unauthorized or intrusive eyes. At present, no instant messaging app can guarantee that level of privacy.
    • Instant messaging apps are more popular in the younger age groups as compared to older consumers. Business users have been slower to adopt, but Ravn and Korrax believes this might be due to their lack of trust in the security of their phones.
    • Ravn and Korrax wants to target the 2.2 billion smartphone users who want a secure and anonymous alternative to popular instant messaging apps.

    Competitive Advantage: 4

    • Every conversation is completely encrypted and never synced or shared with Ravn servers. In fact, no user device data (including IP addresses) are ever shared with our messaging server. Ravn users can be confident their data is private, secure and only ever shared with the intended recipient.
    • Ravn has completed a successful beta launch of the core Ravn chat app. More than 20,000 users signed up for our beta program in Latin America, Russia and India, sending over 2.5 million private messages and spent over an average of 8 minutes inside the app per day

    Team: 4.5

    • The Ravn and Korrax project has a decorated executive team leading the charge along with 10 advisors, 3 marketing & finance professionals, and 1 developer. Expect Ravn and Korrax to expand the development team post ICO.
    • Chris Boundikas (CEO) and Fabrice Grinda (Executive Advisor) have a combined 40,000 followers on LinkedIn.
      • Fabrice is a born entrepreneur who graduate from Princeton University and began a career at McKinsey, but he later founded and ran his own company… and then five more after that.
      • In 2016, Chris Co-Founded “Coin Driller”, the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of GPU based crypto currency mining rigs. He also served as the president of Enigma Blockchain for nearly 3 years.
    • Team Members

    • Chris Boundikas CEO (LinkedIn)
    • Vladimir Heger Co-founder, CTO (LinkedIn)
    • Jaspreet Chhabra Head of development (LinkedIn)

    Token Mechanics: 3.5

    • The Ravnapp chat platform is ready to use. Android version can be downloaded on June 7th 2018. IOS version available June 25th 2018. It does not yet function with the KRX token.
    • Korrax (KRX) is the name of Ravn’s ‘utility token’ (as opposed to equity or asset token) designed to keep track of – and incentivize – user participation within the Ravn app.

    User Adoption: 3

    • They’ve done an excellent job spreading their name and ICO into the news. Major outlets such as BuzzFeed, Yahoo News, and Entrepreneur Magazine have featured the Ravn and Korrax project.
    • Ravn and Korraz have amassed over 20k Twitter followers and 33k Telegram members.

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