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Quick Summary

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Pumpkin Project is a crypto currency set to bridge the gap between small business owners and possible investors. Pumpkin project also has brought together experts that who have seen the advantages and disadvantages of start-up projects that will be of significant influence on small business owners and start-ups. Many start-up ideas and start-up projects have met many failures because of lack of good contribution from an expert that will help to give advice to owners of these businesses. Pumpkin Project is built to solve the significant problem Small scale business owners are facing that is leading to the closing up of businesses as soon as it starts.


  • Holders get 5% bonus every month.
  • Buy back program will presumably increase the value of the token.
  • Project is entering a new market.

  • Cons

  • Every month only 20% of tokens bought by investors can be withdrawn.
  • The project is not completely decentralized as the Pump team holds 50% of the vote deciding which projects will be invested in.
  • Limited use cases for the token.

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    How to Invest

    Please Read How to Invest in ICOs
    Then see Pumpkin Investment Instructions

    Investment Information:

    • How to invest: In order to participate in the Pumpkin token sale, register as an investor at the following link.
    • Discount:
    • First 800,000,000 tokens: 20% Bonus
    • Second 900,000,000 tokens: 10% Bonus
    • After 1,000,000,000 tokens: No bonus
    • Eligibility: Pumpkin cannot accept token sale contributions from citizens of the following countries: USA, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.
    • Minimum Purchase: 0.1ETH
    • Soft Cap: 6666ETH Hard Cap: 22223ETH

    Market: 3.5

    • Pumpkin project is open to every business sector (tourism, industry, services, agriculture, finance, fashion etc.)
    • PMK is entering the professional development market. ($306.9 B industry)
    • Pumpkin srtives to be one of the first ICOs in the professional development of space with the vision to put global professional development on the blockchain.

    Competitive Advantage: 3

    • The Pumpkin team's experience with startups provides them with access to experts in their field.
    • The Pumpkin Project has their own internal trading platform called the Pump Exchange.

    Team: 3

    • The Pumpkin Project’s co-founder Rizwan Gray is a General Partner at 500 Startups, the most active venture capital firm in the world.
    • Their Senior Software developer has successfully executed more than 4 medium and large-scale projects with team sizes between 3 and 7.
    • Many team members have experience working with startups in Singapore.
    • The Pumpkin Project’s advisors do not have as much experience as their team.
    • Team Members

    • Darren Richelle (CEO and Co-Founder)) (LinkedIn)
    • Rizwan Gray (Co-Founder) (LinkedIn)
    • Steve Leonard (Finance Management) (LinkedIn)
    • Jonathan Schiff (Management) (LinkedIn)
    • Miriam Miller (Marketing Expert) (LinkedIn)

    Token Mechanics: 2.5

    • The Pumpkin Project does not currently have an MVP.
    • Users will use the token to vote on which projects that they think are invested in.
    • Buy back program will presumably add value for users, 5% monthly bonus is also attractive for users.
    • The project is not completely decentralized as the Pump team holds 50% of the vote deciding which projects will be invested in, while holders hold the other 50% of the vote.
    • Total Supply is 6.6 billion PMK; All unsold tokens will be burned.
    • The PMK token is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.
    • 1 PMK = 0.000007ETH

    User Adoption: 3

    • The Pumpkin Project is helping to connect users to small businesses they may not have otherwise had knowledge of.
    • The Pumpkin Project has some decent buzz surrounding the project. They have 7,970 on Twitter, around 8,900 followers on Facebook, and around 6,200 members in their Telegram.
    • Users have to power to vote on which companies to invest in.
    • There is a limit to how many tokens can be withdrawn each month. This may feel restricting to some users, but to others it may make the project seem more stable.

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