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Quick Summary

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OpenBlock aims to create AI trading bots that will analyze statistics in real time with the hope of accurately predicting market trends.


  • OpenBlock has the potential to allow investors to trade all day with its 24/7 trading bots.
  • OpenBlock’s different trading bots will give users insight regarding market sentiment, long-term execution, and scalping techniques.

  • Cons

  • OpenBlock has yet to demonstrate the effectiveness of its trading bots.
  • Platform users may feel limited by OpenBlock’s trading pairs.

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    How to Invest

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    Then see OpenBlock Investment Instructions

    Investment Information:

    • How to invest: To participate in the OpenBlock token sale, visit the website.
    • Discount:
    • Round 1: 40% discount
    • Round 2: 30% discount
    • Round 3: 21% discount
    • Round 4: 15% discount
    • Eligibility: There are not any restrictions for this project.

    Market: 3

    • OpenBlock intends to address issues in the market pertaining to human trading errors such as buying rumors, trend chasing, lack of research, and over-reliance on analysis.
    • The project intends to bring value to the market through an automated altcoin trading bot that can trade dozens of altcoin pairs simultaneously.
    • OpenBlock will have to compete with like-minded ICOs that are focusing on automated trading platforms.
    • By 2020, the financial services industry is projected to reach $512 Billion in new global revenues with artificial intelligence.

    Competitive Advantage: 3.5

    • OpenBlock’s AI, OBi, uses multiple statistical indicators in conjunction with one another in an attempt to accurately predict price movement among different altcoins. The AI has an immediate response to changes, so its prediction patterns are constantly evolving.
    • OpenBlock will also use Sentiment Analysis by filtering data from social media to gain a understanding of how investors are feeling about the market.
    • OBi’s bot ecosystem will consist of 3 different bots. Huma will be used for human sentiment knowledge. Simon will be used for long-term execution, and Scarlett will be used for scalping techniques.

    Team: 3

    • Project founder and CEO Nicholas Thomas has experience working in finance. He is a former Forex day trader with over two decades of experience working with the financial markets. He also played a key role in the development of OpenBlock’s AI, OBi. OpenBlock is not the only blockchain project with which Nicholas is involved; he also founded eBoost, a blockchain project that focuses on eSports.
    • There are other team members that also have prior experience working with blockchain projects. CMO Rayne Davis has managed marketing campaigns for a number of different ICOs that have raised $100 Million in capital combined. Additionally, Ahmed Botwala has been developing blockchain projects since 2012.
    • Team Members

    • Ahmed Bodiwala (LinkedIn)
    • Nicholas Thomas (LinkedIn)
    • Grigore Sebastian Vieru (LinkedIn)
    • Christopher Baillie (LinkedIn)
    • Raul Jimenez (LinkedIn)
    • Rayne Davis (LinkedIn)
    • Hamilton Gilpin (LinkedIn)
    • Charlie Mills (LinkedIn)

    Token Mechanics: 2

    • OpenBlock does not have an available MVP.
    • The OBC token is the platform's utility token. Platform users can either trade OBC on exchanges or stake OBC tokens with OBi trading bots.
    • Tokens left in the OBC wallet will automatically be used for token staking. Fifty percent of the revenue generated from OBi’s trading will go to token holders while the other 50 percent will be used by OpenBlock to continue developing its platform.
    • Platform users will be able to receive tokens through OpenBlock’s tiered referral program.
    • Token Supply: 60,000,000 OBC

    User Adoption: 1.5

    • The project is clear in its intentions and is not difficult for investors to understand. If OpenBlock can prove to potential platform users that its AI can trade successfully, the platform should be able to attract new users.
    • OpenBlock has not put a lot of effort into marketing its product and has not generated much buzz around the project. There are only 12 followers on Twitter, 384 followers on Facebook, and 1,370 members in the Telegram group. The project does not have strong engagement across its social media accounts.

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