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Quick Summary

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MillionCoin gathers companies from the fields of software, marketing, bookkeeping, and law together to form a platform that facilitates the use of digital currencies in everyday life. The platform allows for users to exchange fiat and digital currencies, sell goods and services, and broaden their knowledge in technical, legal, and bookkeeping fields connected with the digital asset market.


  • MillionCoin’s tax and bookkeeping counseling could prove to be useful for users, especially for new investors.
  • The programming assistance that MillionCoin’s software offers has the potential to encourage user innovation within the platform.

  • Cons

  • Because there are so many exchanges, it can be difficult for projects like MillionCoin to gain traction.
  • MillionCoin’s broad focus could impede the project’s success.
  • MillionCoin’s distinguishing features may not be strong enough to get users to switch exchange platforms.

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    How to Invest

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    Then see MillionCoin Investment Instructions

    Investment Information:

    • How to invest: Follow this link for MillionCoin’s in-depth instructions on how to participate in the ICO.
    • Discount: Discount:
    • Stage 1 - 3x MON
    • Stage 2 - 1.6x MON
    • Stage 3 - 1.5x MON
    • 1.4x MON
    • Stage 5 - No bonus
    • Eligibility: MillionCoin cannot accept token sale contributions from citizens of the following countries: USA, Canada, Korea, Singapore, China.
    • Accepted Payment: ETH
    • Soft Cap: 1000 ETH; Hard Cap: 20,000 ETH

    Market: 3

    • MillionCoin is looking to target both experienced investors and investors looking to exchange cryptocurrencies for the first time. New investors will have modern, comprehensive solutions at their disposal that will enable them to make transactions and receive expert counsel on law and bookkeeping in the cryptocurrency space.
    • In 2017, the cryptocurrency market was valued at around $550 million and is expected to grow and reach over $2.5 billion by 2023.
    • The growth potential of this project could be high if MillionCoin achieves its goal of facilitating the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life because it will allow the project to tap into multiple markets.

    Competitive Advantage: 3.5

    • The platform aims to have multiple applications that complement each other such as purchase and sale of goods and services via cryptocurrencies, automation of trading processes, use of software and programming services, exchange of cryptocurrencies between platform users, quick payments with the use of cryptocurrencies, and use of legal, tax, and bookkeeping counseling services.
    • The platform offers consumer-to-consumer transactions for buying and selling goods and services. Fiat and cryptocurrencies can be exchanged automatically once the transaction is finished on the platform’s internal exchange platform.
    • MillionCoin is backed by two companies, One Million Group and AT.Systems. One Million Group has been established in response to the market demand for innovative methods of payments for goods and services that can be performed with the use of cryptocurrencies, while AT.Systems is responsible for the bot that is available within the platform as well as trading software.
    • MillionCoin’s platform will also allow users API access. This means that users have the ability to use the functionality and the potential of the platform in external software. This will facilitate automated transactions, exchanges, sales, or conversion of currencies.
    • Billing will be integrated into the platform with Billcoin, a service that provides software to account for trading cryptocurrencies and enables insight into user transactions.

    Team: 3

    • The team has a fair amount of overall experience, but not a lot of experience pertaining specifically to blockchain technology. MillionCoin and AT.System’s teams consist of people who have programming skills and are experts of security, as well as financers, analysts, and traders.
    • MillionCoin’s team members have a solid LinkedIn presence and their profiles provide a good amount of transparency.
    • One Million Group CEO Krysztop Perek is responsible for creating and implementing the short-term and long-term strategy of the company. He has over ten years of experience in sales and marketing as well as human resources. He also has experience with trading luxury goods for cryptocurrencies.
    • AT.Systems CEO Marcin Walkowski has been active in the cryptocurrency market since 2009, which has allowed him to study the problems that are connected with this field. The co-founder of One Million Group is experienced in market analysis and project management in the crypto space and he supervises the implementation teams and attracts key employees and clients for the company.
    • Team Members

    • Krzysztof Perek (LinkedIn)
    • Marcin Walkowski (LinkedIn)
    • Michał Błaszczak (LinkedIn)
    • Karol Starukiewicz (LinkedIn)
    • Adam Przybyła (LinkedIn)
    • Szymon Jaworski (LinkedIn)
    • Dawid Walkowski (LinkedIn)
    • Marcel Wandas (LinkedIn)
    • Piotr Kubasik (LinkedIn)

    Token Mechanics: 3

    • This project has an MVP that can be viewed at the following link.
    • MON tokens can be used to pay on the platform and also to gain access to additional functions of the platform.
    • It will be possible to use MON for shopping, exchanging, paying, and settling bills for the services within the platform.
    • Max supply of 34 million tokens
    • It will be possible to sell MON token on external exchanges and, in the future, to also exchange it on the internal exchange within the platform.

    User Adoption: 2.5

    • There is not much buzz surrounding the MillionCoin project. It has less than 4,000 aggregate followers on social media and lacks significant news articles.
    • MillionCoin’s software is dedicated to the cohesion of all the platform’s elements and to assuring the highest levels of security for the project. The software house will also provide services for external customers with programming assistance.
    • Users will not have to worry about many transaction fees as the costs of transfers will be limited only to transferring the currency onto the platform and withdrawing it into a private user’s wallet.

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